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Science Fiction in Education
Start date: Nov 1, 2012,

The SciFi-Ed project aims1. To increase pupils’ motivation and achievement in science and other subjects, through the introduction of Science Fiction in education.2. To enhance the quality of teaching Science and Technology, as well as an array of other subjects to children aged between 9-15 years old. 3. To connect science education with real-life issues such as the environment.4. To provide girls and other marginalised groups with better access to science education.5. To offer improvement of the initial education and professional development of science teachers and to promote the exchange of innovative teaching practices.The project creates and disseminates the SciFi-Ed Toolkit, which guides and supports educators in introducing Science Fiction in education, gathers and develops experience and know-how in this field, organises it into solid and accessible bits of information, and makes it available to stakeholders. More specifically, the SciFi-Ed project: • Introduces educators to the genre of Science Fiction and its subgenres, and argues for its literary and pedagogical value. • Provides educators with analytical information regarding acclaimed international and European authors of Science Fiction for children and young adults, and Sci-Fi titles available in partner countries. • Describes approaches, methods and techniques to teach, through Science Fiction, key competences and concepts in Science and other important areas of the curriculum. • Supports educators in utilizing film, multimedia, and Web 2.0 technologies to introduce Science Fiction in education. • Designs sample Sci-Fi cross-curricular teaching units that may be used by educators but also function as models for building new teaching units. • Implements Sci-Fi units in European schools, records observations and conclusions, and makes the results available to teachers, schools, and policy makers in the form of case-study descriptions. • Assorts and disseminates relevant resources.
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