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Science Education in Germany and Norway
Start date: 01 Aug 2016, End date: 31 Jul 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This application concerns one job shadowing from Hadeland videregående skole (HVS) to Kaufmännische Schule, Heidenheim (KSH). These two schools have been cooperating for quite some time. So far, the projects have involved the departments of language and cultural studies. This job shadowing is a pilot project concerning the subjects defined as MINT subjects in Germany: "Mathematik, Informatik, Naturwissenschaft und Technik", as well as a project strengthening the qualifications of the teacher who is travelling on this occasion. Further, the job shadowing will have positive effects on the involved departments at both HVS and KSH. Exchanging experiences and discussing didactics is always of great value for teachers. By job shadowing the teacher will experience first hand the learning culture and traditions in our German partner school, thus strengthening the bonds between the school and making further cooperation even easier. The teaching strategies and language skills aquired will further strengthen the teaching culture at both schools.The travelling participant is Ms. Rønnaug Pettersen Skorem, a science teacher. Her academic bacground is in Animal Science, with a Cand. agric (equivalent to MSc) from NLH (now: NMBU). She has a keen interest in sharing experiences and seeing how things are handled differently in different cultures. She is nearly fluent in English after long exchange periods in Scotland and South Africa as a student, and can get by in German. She wishes to strengthen her teaching skills both in general science ("Naturfag") and in Chemistry (which she is currently studying part-time at the University of Tromsø) and to improve her German as she wishes to study German later, aiming to add this language to her teaching qualifications.The key personnel in Heidenheim are:Ingrid Kriesten, the contact person.Gisela Maiwald is the staff member responsible for interchanging projects (students) with Norway. Samira Wunderlich-Stoltz, responsible for the subject Global Studies, interchanging activities with Hungary and overseas contacts. Mr. Anton Sauter and Mr. Michael Munz (teachers of Maths and Physics)Mrs. Katja Schick (teacher of Chemistry)Mr. Fritz Nusser (teacher of Biology)In addition to this, a visit to the neighbouring school of Domestic Economy is relevant.The activities will include observing lessons, giving lessons (in English), studying the activities at the Zukunftakademie, taking part in an official workshop in Stuttgart and visiting the school of Domestic Economy. The teacher will then draw on these experiences to strengthen the relevant departmens of her own school, as well as sharing techniques and strategies from HVS with the collagues at KSH. As shown over, this job shadowing is both a continuation and a further development of a healthy, interesting partnership between our two schools. From the contact between the schools so far, it seems that the community of Heidenheim has a very strong culture for teaching science in ways that keep the students interested and motivated. The school in Hadeland, on the other hand, is very new and is well equipped with modern teaching material in the laboratories. Together, we have skills and traditions that we can combine to strengthen both schools. When we have seen which techniques and strategies from the partner school can be incorporated into our own teaching in good ways, we can spread these to other departments in our school, and to other schools in our region. In this way, a short stay can have a big impact.
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