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EU benchmarks and statistics on education show a low enrollment rate in science field of study at tertiary education level. The risk is the one of weakening the competitiveness and innovation capacity of the EU against its main international competitors. The results of the PISA survey in the Countries involved in the project witness unsatisfactory performances in science by 15 y.o. students.The challenge and goal of the project was to upgrade the skills of teachers in scientific disciplines at secondary level in order to strengthen the attractiveness and understanding of Chemistry and Physics among young people. The proposed methodology made use of fun, play and aspects of performing arts such as theatre, music, and film-making. The project foresaw the transfer of some relevant experiences already developed by the University of Rome and targeted to primary school level, in order to readapt and use such model and approach in the framework of secondary school level. Main activities of SAT project were:1. Survey on innovative pedagogical methodologies for teaching Chemistry and Physics in the Countries of the partnership2. Training workshops for teachers/trainers aimed to build competences in teaching scientific contents through performing arts (theatre). 3. Workshops with students aimed at creating Science-Theatre events that will be performed by teachers and students in Italian and Latvian schools.4. Production of didactical Modules on specific themes relevant to chemistry and physics disciplines (national curricula- student age: 15-16 y. o.).6. Peer Evaluation workshops and dissemination of the results of the project in the all Countries of the Partnership.7. Production and wide diffusion of SAT Handbook, including guidelines to teach Chemistry and Physics exploiting innovative pedagogies based on drama techniques.The transnational consortium represented five EU Member States (IT, DE, LV, GR, TR) and implied Universities, Schools, Public Administrations, NGOs and Vocational Training Centers specialized in training of trainers. All Partners were experienced in the management of cooperative national and transnational networks and in the implementation of actions concerning contents and topics faced by the project.
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