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Science and Creativity - Autonomous Robots

From time immemorial people have been dreaming of having automatic assistants relieving them of work. From the Middle Ages up to the beginning of the 20th century there have always been attempts to build those machines. The Czech author K. Capek used the term ‘Robot’ derived from the Slavic word ‘robota’ = work. Nowadays, progress in the field of computer science and telecommunications allows us to endow machines with enough intelligence so that they can act autonomously. Robotics scientists therefore must face the task of understanding the potentialities and limits of these intelligent machines in relation to intelligent biological beings. The project will mainly deal with autonomous mobile robots, which are able to move. Working with robotic systems does not only reflect the components of computer science, but also elements of sciences like biology and physics. Elements of robots, the acquiring of knowledge concerning the operation and controlling of these elements and the consolidation of the abilities by building, modelling and programming will be the centre of interest. Finding possibilities, limits and risks of robotics will complete the planned project. In presentations at different events the participants will demonstrate their ‘robot generation’ and compete with each other.

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