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Schulentwicklung inklusive Gemeinschaftsschule
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Project name: School development and interdenominational schools Kind of project: ‘Standards and Realization of School development in Finland’ (continuing education offer ‘Learning in Europe’) and interdenominational learning in Norway. Project background and project aim: Since 1997 it has been important to our teaching stuff to set out for a „new school development“. The high willingness of our team to get ahead can be seen in the performance of various internal and external training programs, as for example “future workshops”, the realization of the education plan brought up in 2004, the concept of a work secondary school with whole day offers, the development of offers during lunch breaks, the further development of a professional main focus with educational partnerships etc. . . We’ve got an internal management team which is responsible for the coordination of the training programs. However, the teaching stuff are always welcome to introduce valuable suggestions concerning the contents. Advanced training on the subject "supporting measures" is extremely important for us at present. As our former work secondary school has just become an interdenominational school this year, school development has become a major issue for us. The handling of heterogeneity among students will be our main focus. Emerging challenges are the main motivation for us to get an inside into well-functioning school systems like the one in Finland or Norway and to learn from them. Moreover, we see the qualification of all employees as a main element of school development. Only increased competence makes professional actions come true. Number and profile of male and female participants: Our school management supports the willingness of any teacher for further training at any time. Six teachers would like to participate in the program with specific aims: o School’s management and principal: school development and project management o representative of English faculty: European community and European thinking o form teacher of inclusion classes: exchange in experiences o representative of European teacher training (PH Ludwigsburg): exchange in experiences Description of activities o visit to the kindergarten and nursery school in Helsinki; o subject teacher and class teacher's education at university; exchange in national experiences / differences among participants o visit and discussion on the subject ‘support’ in a 9-year normal school (class 7-9); exchange among the participants on the background of their respective national experience; o visit and discussion on the subject ‘support’ in a 9-year normal school (class 1-6); exchange among the participants on the background of their respective national experience; o support in the upper stage at grammar schools; o evaluation of the week; Project realization procedures Within the scope of a staff meeting specific tasks as well as different focuses of observation will be formulated for the project realization. Aimed results: Our aim is to get a deepening insight into a European country’s school curriculum (Finland), which works well according to preceding pisa scores. Moreover: o providing career opportunities and a high teaching quality with special regard to individual learning processes and the handling of heterogeneity among students; o exchange in experiences with local teachers in Helsinki as well as participants from other European countries; o an increase in ideas and knowledge regarding teaching and supporting methods as well as learning aids; Sustainability strategy: The participants taking part in the educational journey are supposed to be multipliers after return. Within the scope of an educational day acquired competence will be made transparent. Teachers will report about the training activities and multiply contents to the respective faculty. INFO BOX: time needed for this purpose will be considered in conference planning. The catalogue of measures to be realized within the scope of the European profile will be evaluated internally at regular intervals. Evaluation of the project Finnland and Norway is planned.
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