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Schools’ Project for Equestrian Educational Development

The majority of the EU countries have formal educational systems for young people in the horse sector, but the content varies widely. The most common professions in the horse sector are grooms, riding teachers, trainers, jockeys, drivers and stable managers. Equine sport has become more international, and there is an increasing number of young people looking for a job abroad.The primary objective is to demonstrate transparency within European Equestrian Education for rider instructor level I, II and III and to fit in with the European Qualification Framework (EQF). Educational systems in Equestrian sport should be comparable and straight forward for students to move between institutions in different countries and thereby gain a wide range of knowledge and employability skills. A translation device will make qualifications more readable and understandable across different countries and systems in Europe as a reference framework. This objective will also improve the mobility of the equestrian work force in general for teachers and students and increase the use of Leopass. The secondary objective is to monitor and improve the quality of European equestrian education for rider instructor on level I, II and III by defining standards. Quality is to be improved and monitored by sharing and spreading standards about horsemanship, safety, animal welfare, and equitation skills. Curricula, competences, and course material are of common interest and to be shared within the group, resulting in standardised learning outcomes based on good practices.To achieve these objectives all participating partners will be involved in the planned activities; workshops, meetings, demonstrations, exchanges, ICT forum and symposia. Activities will be based on themes and aimed at different target groups; teachers, students, and work placement providers. More information can be found on

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