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Schools Against Violence in Europe

Our project idea:Exchange of experiences with violence-preventive projects at schools;Analysis of the conditions and characteristics of aggressive situations;Optimal bullying prevention models for each school;Violence has many forms, faces, effects. Already children and young people learn that the way how people deal with violence and deal with the assessment of violence depends on the actual situation and interpretation.In many schools and groups conflicts arise due to social, ethnical, political or religious differences and prejudices. In order to prevent an escalation of violence, it is important to talk about existing or latent causes of conflicts and to find solutions. It is our aim to develop and point out ideas and concepts of lasting violence prevention.In schools not only students should work on this important key issue, but also the whole school community. If the aim is a cooperative, caring school community, violence prevention should be integrated in a school curriculum, as well as in regular subjects.Our special interest is on the topic of bullying.
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