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School Wire Broadcasting Centre

The title of the project is "School Wire Broadcasting Centre". One of our aims was using theoretical knowledge in practice and creating broadcasting centres in all our partner schools. Our students used their electronic and IT knowledge to organise those broadcasting centres. They worked in small groups: the first group prepared a list of needed electronic accessories and created a plan of making a school wire broadcasting centre. When doing these plans we cooperated with both local radios and professionals concerning sound systems. Each school adjusted plans to its needs. The second group of students was responsible for writing a computer application useful in broadcasting centres. The third group chose the proper equipment and joined it with the loudspeakers outside, then they started transmission. Three school partners’ meetings took place during the project: in Kielce, Poland (17 – 21 November 2008), in Haskovo, Bulgaria (16 – 20 November 2009) and in Brasov, Romania (7 – 12 March 2010). During all those meetings we had a possibility to visit local radio stations and to watch journalists and technical staff at work, we visited newsrooms, recording studios, control rooms and concert studios. In an electroacoustic distribution board room we could learn how a radio signal was transmitted. There were also arranged professional workshops with radio specialists: journalists and technical staff. Thanks to all those meetings we could also increase our knowledge about partner countries, we exchanged our experience in the terms of our work and improving our communication skills in English. In the schedule of the project we also included designing a web page of the project, designing a logo, organising a jingiel contest, preparing and broadcasting programmes according to the established timetable. All partner schools managed to create professional broadcasting centres thanks to involvement and close cooperation between one another.

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