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School Governance to build a Learning Community
Start date: Nov 1, 2010,

School quality and autonomy need a passage from "government" to "governance". It means the staff and stakeholders involvement in planning and implementing school activities. This need is not new: at different extents, all national legislations agree with the European indications. But the gap between rules and purposes on one hand, and actual practices on the other, is often very large. In the next future things will become more complex: governance is meeting the horizon of the Learning Community. School Leaders (principals, headmasters, teachers more involved than other in the school direction) have to improve both pedagogical and management skills. They will be more and more expected to optimize the use of limited resources and to produce high - quality education opening the school to the civil society. At the same time, as a result of the political trend towards devolution, relations between school and elected local institutions become more and more important: a dialogue not always easy for both sides. In this frame, School Leaders training becomes crucial. Principals, headmasters, teachers in charge of different activities and projects, must become "Learning Community Builders". SGoLC will design, test, improve and disseminate a Training Model looking at this objective and involving all relevant stakeholders in a bottom-up process - in a small scale, an example of the process that the Learning Community can follow in order to design school purposes and shapes. Focus groups with stakeholders; a collection of good practices and a social survey on stakeholders' expectations about School Leaders roles and competencies; many dissemination events and the same Testing Courses will be the other projects' outputs. All materials will be available on the website in English and in the languages of the Partners. The envisaged impact in the short-to-mid term is the improvement of School Leaders skills and a concrete contribution to the birth of several Learning Communities.
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