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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

At Notre Dame RC Girls' School we currently offer Spanish, German and French at KS3 and KS4 level and Portuguese and Italian (usually to native speakers) only at KS4. We also offer Spanish and French AS to students who can enter early for an MFL GCSE. We have a shortage of German teachers and the confidence and proficiency of a second language for each member of staff is variable throughout the department. In preparation for the new KS3 PoS and the New GCSE curriculum, members of the department wish to become experts not only in their main language but also in a second language and two participants even learn a third language. All participants will have to up skill by the end of 2017. The objectives of the project are the following: - enhance notably the participants' foreign language competence. - support their professional development. - enable better quality of activities and projects in favour of students, including a focus on creativity and authentic materials. - promote the international opening within the school - increase the motivation and satisfaction of the participants. - enable communications and links with colleagues abroad. - promote communication between students in the UK and students in France, Spain and Germany. Six members of the MFL department will take part in then project, all of them to improve their language competence or acquire new subject knowledge. These participants will attend language training with a school provider in Spain, France and Germany for one week during the first year. During the second year, they will attend further language training and then they will do job shadowing in the same region as the language course provider. The activity for all participants in the first year will be attending language courses. Mr Hornby will learn a new language in Germany and Ms Linter and Mrs Lafferty will improve her language competence also in Germany. Ms Bhira and Mrs Barra will go to language training in Spain. Ms Santana will go to France to improve her confidence and language competence in French. The activities for all participants in the second year will be two: further language training and job shadowing. Ms Bhira and Mrs Barra will go to Spain to continue their proficiency of Spanish; Mr Hornby and Ms Linter will return to Germany also to continue their language proficiency and Mrs Lafferty will go to France to increase her confidence and competence in French. Finally, Ms Santana will go to Germany to learn a new language. During the second week of their mobility, all participants will visit a school during five days to undertake job shadowing activities. The will network with colleagues in Europe, start links to plan for projects via e-Twining and share their experience with their department and with language teaching networks. The impact of the project will benefit not only the professional development and enjoyment of the participants but also all the students at Notre Dame enthused by learning of the language through creative and engaging projects. Furthermore, other colleagues in the UK, after learning about the project via workshops and on language teaching social networks, and colleagues and students abroad will also benefit from the project.
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