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School European Professional Development
Start date: 01 Jul 2016, End date: 30 Jun 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

As a proactive school we are continually seeking ways to further extend the opportunities we provide for our staff and pupils. We are fortunate to have motivated, willing staff that are continually looking to enhance and improve their practice. Throughout the project, our aim is to broaden the experience of our staff, providing them with an opportunity to gain an insight into the very best teaching, learning, assessment, good practice, policies, systems and routines in another country. We would aim to address actions from within our School Strategic Development Plan, by attending structured courses. The focus of the opportunity would be within year one to attend structured training courses and within year two of the programme to complete job shadowing, further empowering, and training staff, sharing visions and policies and providing staff with learning and professional experiences in another country. We would look to fostering a network, providing opportunity for cooperation, exchange and transfer of knowledge and know-how in different areas. We would direct our time to efficiently and effectively use the knowledge gained from training and within year two, the benefit from developed understanding of education systems in another country and use the information gained to develop greater links and support mechanisms, and, in doing this, improving our own. We feel confident in sustaining such a project and ensuring that this would impact upon us, as we are renowned for our high standards, exceptional environment, willing, enthusiastic staff, and most importantly our inspirational and supportive Head teacher. We are always looking for the next opportunity to further improve. Awards we have received highlight our determination to be the very best that we can be, showing also our commitment to making the most of every opportunity we take and ensuring that whatever we do has a positive impact on all our school community. We have outstanding social media, celebrating all we achieve, including Twitter pages , website and Facebook accounts, all of which are actively used daily and would provide the foundation on which we can communicate with another country and continue to build and sustainable relationships.In participating in this project our aims would be:• Increased opportunities for professional and career development of our staff, resulting in greater self-empowerment and improved self-esteem • Broader understanding of practices, policies and systems in education,comparing and contrasting ours to other counties Implement innovative approaches and practices.• Increased capacity to trigger change in terms of modernisation and international openings and create a more global approach to learning.• Enhanced inter-cultural awareness • Improved leadership and governance• Improved competencies linked to professional profiles • Become more modern, dynamic, committed and ready to integrate good practice and new methods into daily activities. • Further enhance the reputation of our school, in the UK and throughout Europe. • Highlight how we value staff and provide them with the chance to be refreshed, energized and motivated.Initially, we propose for our senior leadership and middle management teams to attend relevant courses . This way we believe changes can be lead, easily integrated and other staff then inspired.
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