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In case of the economic situation in Europe now a days more efficient ways of cooperation between school and economy are needed. Information and training of the students must become more professional in case of the special needs of the economy.So it will be a target of this project to ask the economy about their needs in the field of specific or vocational skills and/or specialised/subject knowledge. The result could be the basic of an adjustment of their curricula.Another target is to initiate and enlarge the dialog between school and economy to find more successful ways for transition to secondary schools, apprentenship-training and occupation.The partners in the project are schools, students, teachers, economy, parents, public and private institutions working in career guidance.School-partners organize meetings, internet and phone-conferences between the partners, including meetings with the representatives of local economy, train the students for proposing and applying in companies, use portfolios including europass tools, enlarge the cooperation with parents.The outcome of the project will be presented to the partners, the school-administration and the economy. The project partners show the results on their homepages as well and write articles in target related publications.

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