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Σχεδίαση ηλεκτρικής εγκατάστασης χρησιμοποιώντας την τεχνική ΕΙΒ/ΚΝΧ
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This program is negotiating the "smart home technologies", which, based on developments in the informative and communicative technology and introduce a single control system, through which they can communicate with each other all the individual parts that make up an electrical installation. Central to the new system is the creation of a decentralized data transmission and processing system (in the operating model of the PC) that is a communication bus (Bus), which runs throughout the facility and on which are connected all the active elements of the system, such as buttons, switches, sensors (temperature, light traffic, etc.) and output elements that give commands to activate relay lighting, electrical valves, motors (eg for the automatic roll-window mode), analog regulators, etc. A representative of the bus system is the EIB / KNX (European Installation Bus / Konnex Association) which is well known in Greece and is supported by several European electrical equipment companies. This is an open European standard, which came from the consolidation of three sub-systems developed in the last two decades in Europe. The open platform of KNX has been established in European standards EN 50090 and EN 13321-1 and the International ISO / IEC 14543. standards can be used in small installations (homes) or even higher (offices, hotels, schools, hospitals, department stores , airports, etc.) to control various functions and applications such as lighting, heating, air conditioning, ventilation, move blinds and panel windows, remote monitoring, labeling, safety systems, energy management charges, etc. Technical EIB / KNX began as a European decentralized transfer system (European Installation Bus) and data processing for flexible management functions, The concerning an electrical installation of special or general purpose building. Today the technique KNX (Konnex Association) smart electric installations addressed worldwide. For transport - data exchange using many ways - media, wired and wireless Through the project students had the opportunity to further engage and obtain certification and international recognition for this special technique electrical system EIB / KNX, and constant updating of developments. Also in the "Installation Design using the technique EIB / KNX" attended by students of electrical engineering and mechanical engineering sectors 3rd EPAL Athens and moved to 15 days in Cyprus and Italy, ie two streams of 20 people accompanied by two teachers per flow. As receptors players were selected EDEX - Intercollege - college with an established reputation in higher education offering unique educational opportunities to students through and well-equipped laboratories and Scuola Radio Elettra - Professional Electrical School respectively. Participation in the mobility project helped to gain valuable experience and participants important skills that the following objectives: . to understand the need for the development of "smart home technologies" . to know the structure and operation of the EIB / KNX system, . to design electrical installations using the technique EIB / KNX, . including a detailed inventory of automation needs, . analyze and record the available technical solutions, . evaluate and define or redefine the proposed electrical installation solutions, . to realize the importance of lifelong learning, . to work in an environment with different technologies and know-how, . to improve their language skills through knowledge of at least one foreign language that will enable them to more easily monitor new developments.

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