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"Schau hin - Cybermobbing, Sexting, Posting, Grooming im Alltag der Jugend-Sozialarbeit
Start date: Mar 1, 2015, End date: Feb 28, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Every year more, than 3.7 million children are born in Europe. They grow up in an enviroment where social media is everywhere. One of the dangers of this media has in recent years gotten more and more public attention. That of cyberbullying, sexting, posting and grooming. These are new forms of bullying that are present on platforms such as email, instant messaging services, chatrooms and mobile phones. What's particularly nasty with this type of bullying compared to traditional forms is that the victims have nowhere to escape. Even at home in their own rooms they can be reached by the bullying. The European Parliament understands this and has in November 2012 called on the Commission and the Member States for "The protection of children in the digital world, to explore all possibilities and to pull together for a systematic training of all people working in the youth field." The project "Look at it - cyberbullying, sexting, posting and grooming a daily experience in youth-centered social work" deals with this phenomenon which is becoming a problem particularly among youths who are disadvantaged socially and use media to a high degree. Young people often spend their leisure time in day care centers, community centers, youth clubs, youth cafés but also in public libraries, sport clubs and other facilities, where they look for support and advice. There they can come into contact with social workers who know the real world. But young people also live a virtual life with challenges, dangers and fascinations that remains closed to professional social workers. Why? They lack the skills they need to adequately deal with all the hazards the digital world presents. They have not grown up with these media around them. Neither has it been a part of their curriculum. This educational gap will be filled with this tailor-made project for social workers. It will be brought two life with this two-part strategy: 1. Prevention by teaching e-literacy through online learning. 2. Intervention and early detection through case examples, including conversation techniques guidelines for social workers. 3. Active involvement of politics in order to create sustainable conditions for the protection of children in the digital world. Topics such as the fascination for media worlds, an interactive educational game about social network, legal aspects, protection of minors, conversation guidelines on the topics "Let's talk about sexting", nude in the network - data protection and privacy, not a smartphone without Chico browser and modules for basic digital competences of social work in Europe available online. The outcome of the project will be an interactive online platform in at least 5 languages with the following content: 1. Training module for youth social work 2. Accompanying aid and educational materials for the participants of the training In addition, the project results can also include the following: 3. About 100 youth-centred social workers who have participated to training units 4. An accompanying political project advisory board commited to sustainable frameworks for the protection of children in the digital world
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