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Start date: Dec 1, 2009,

Objectives of SayNO:Firstly, objective of the project is to open respectful, deep and tolerant dialogue, initiating discussion among different young groups on risky behaviors in different countries. The second step will be to understand the main and deep - PROFONDE reasons for which young people are exposed- ESPOSTI to such risky behaviours and identify the cultural and social influences that can bring them towards them.B Then, the "SayNO" exchange will enable participants to exchange experiences, to compare and to explore the best practises on how to create and promote, at a local level, a committed actions dealing with risky behaviours and raise awareness on these issues.= Stimulate attention of young people on the main features of every cultural group and the way in which every culture react in similar situations. In this way participants can learn about each other and identify cultural specificities.» Today the fact is that it is difficult for young people from the region to travel, one of the goals of "SayNO" is to encourage the mobility and to foster the cultural exchange.As thematic of the project is intercultural dialgue, the project fits in the annual priorities indicated in the Youth in Action Program for 2009.
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