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Say YES to Rural Development
Start date: 01 Mar 2012,

Say YES to Rural Development is youth exchange with main aim to increase ecological awareness of the participants as their knowledge about rural development and eco-tourism. Within nine days youth exchange the participants will be encourage to take part in different non-formal activities and through them to get to know more about different ecological issues as protection of nature, using alternative sources of energy and moreover to discover possibilities that offers eco-tourism. The participants will not just take part in discussions or workshops. Moreover they will be also directly involved in activities that will connect them with local community and contribute to local development – as cleaning actions, creating benches, tourist signs and paths. Besides the ecological workshops the participants will have an opportunity to learn about photography and to get to know basic photographic skills and together with local young people they will create photo story of the venue of the project – of the small mountain village called Brajcino that will be used for promotion and development of this locality. The project will connect twenty young people coming from Macedonia, Serbia, Poland and Slovenia. And It will be hosting by Volunteers Centre Skopje in small mountain village Brajcino.
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  • Youth\Youth in action (2007-2013)\Youth in the World\Cooperation with neighbouring partner countries
  • Project on ERASMUS Platform

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