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"Savoir gérer son stress et celui des élèves par l'Approche Neurocognitive et Comportementale (ANC)" (acronyme: "nEuroscol")
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

To face the multiple socio-environmental challenges, the recent neuroscientific research underlines that any human being has the power to exit compartmentalization to face serenely any new situation and to assume and live responsibly. The behavioural and neurocognitive approach (BNC)is an outgrowth of the Institute of Environmental Medicine’s researches ; it patterns the human brain mechanisms and their impacts on emotions, on behaviours and on the ability to take the appropriate decisions. Thus, relevant techniques enable to develop personal know-how and to move towards news states of mind, to act and interact with an intelligence tailored to the complexity of our changing world. BNC gives to any type of public the latest advances in the fields of neurosciences and behavioural sciences, in accessible formats immediately applicable. Under the impulse and ideas of the counselling services for pupils from the Var Academic Inspection (project expert Ms Véronique Rénier, technical counsellor), this project has been approved and selected by the Board in charge of experimentation of innovating methods of the « Académie de Nice » : BNC to respond to the stress of the professional teams and the pupils. Two groups ( a steering committee and a resources team) have been working to build together every step of this project and they will evaluate all the impacts. 32 staff members (senior managers, education members, teachers, nurses and counsellors) from a 3-school-consortium ( SEGPA : a section of adapted general education and professional training and middle and high schools) have decided to examine and evaluate their practices in order to innovate and move towards better practises. The belgian non-profit association Learn to Be, chosen as european partner for this project, is the only organization to propose a BNC training specifically devoted to education staff. During these two next years, the trainees will gradually assimilate the BNC knowledges and techniques thanks to this course programmed in Brussels. They will have good practices exchanges with belgian teachers (already trained to BNC and using it regularly). They will participate to integration and supervising workshops . Alternating, learning, adjustment and experimentation phases, they will use this innovating approach towards themselves and their pupils. Taking into account the variable effects and consequences on staff and on learners (professional discouragement which may go as far as a « burn out, learners demotivation, school failure leading to aggressivity and school drop out), it appears essential to launch innovating preventing methods, on a team of a hundred pupils of secondary high school, a hundred pupils of secondary middle schools and 25 « SEGPA » pupils followed during two years. (St Raphaël-Fréjus area from the Académie de Nice). Following objectives will be assessed by the CAPEF (centre of process analysis in education and training): 1- A better understanding of personal brain mechanisms in stress situations (impacts on emotions, behaviours and the ability to take decisions). Training teachers in order to enable them to help people in stress situations and to install a know-how in schools and conducive learning. 2- Proposing to professionals to be trained to BNC in order to tackle the stressed students brain mechanisms and the learning obstacles ( impacts on emotions, on behaviours and the decision ability) . 3- Enabling by improving the interactions qualities between the different actors of the education community to move towards a positive school climate and conducive learning. Four inputs are planned: - Integrating BNC in lessons and practises - Assessing and accompanying learners with great difficulties ( evaluation grid and survey to evaluate the student situation before learning : stress, confidence, motivation, maturity, concentration, learning to learn….) - Students’ coaching to enable them to set personal targets and to rebuild selfconfidence in school achievements. - Students workshops : self knowledge, motivation, self confidence, aggressivity management… Giving the opportunity thanks to the BNC innovationg practises to Education staff to enable a better knowledge of brain schemes, behaviour abilities, liberating people from stress. It means contributing to spread widely these results (academic level, national level and european level) with a strong european vocation.
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