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''Save the earth - to be here tomorrow! ''
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

We should begin to change the lifestyles from our schools. Because in our schools the education given is not sufficient to raise environmental awareness and therefore our students do not have enough knowledge about conscious consumption. For instance, on the issues of the usage of our natural sources and consumption of energy, they behave unconsciously by leaving on the sink and toilet taps after usage, using lighting in classes and in the other areas of school unnecessarily, causing paper waste in a great deal and causing damages to school tools without being aware of the outcome. So they are not aware of their consumption and damages. A survey that we applied more clarified this unconsciousness. According to the result of the survey that we applied to measure their adequacy of knowledge about the issue of conscious consumption for approximately 600 students' parents, it was revealed that 54% of students are incoherent and unconscious, that they act in the same way in at home and only 30 %of them are conscious and consistent. This rate of 54% of students is the group already signals towards the need of better education about conscious consumption. Acting on the proverb "You can't teach an old dog new trick” the initial group that we are supposed to bring in knowledge and practice competence on the issues of energy saving and consciousness is our students who are going to shape their own habits of consumption. If we can create the consciousness of commonality and responsibility to share the common environmental resources by teaching them and acting as a large group, they can make their voice heard on the issue of conscious consumption. They would learn how to distinguish their needs from the wants, their ability to behave by thinking about the effects of their behavior on the society and its other members, their contributions towards the world's destruction or physical environment and would become aware of their sometimes unconscious acts, we would secure their future and would raise them as productive, conscious and contributing members of our schools, families, environment and our world that we share. These events will affect Europe' future as well as the other countries of the world. All countries in the world are required to search for the answer to the question “how can they live a quality life without harming the environment and next generations. Based on these problems: * With transnational visits that we are going to realize with our partners by the participation of 4 students and 4 teachers * With Informative presentations * With the seminars on the issue of Conscious Consumption * With 3D Photo Exhibition about environment that our students will prepare * With Drama and Pantomime shows * With obtaining small useful inventions from unused products * With the preparation of brochures and posters which contains the results of unconscious consumption and with their dissemination * With the creation of the map which internationally compares what are consumed unnecessarily and their amounts. * With the surveys to be applied * With small wall paintings to the school gardens that we are going to draw in each visits as a memory and as a symbol of the project * With the creation of project web site and social networking sites to increase the effectiveness of our project * With the creation of the project logo * With the creation of the booklet “Consume Consciously, Make Your Environment and Yourself Happy “at the end of the project for project dissemination * By providing the continuation of the project website * With festival that we are going to realize with many participants in every May after project completion With this project, we wanted to make our students and people more sensitive to our nature, to interfere to this situation with the students who are the new owners of the future and we wanted to help them in their efforts to create the future they dream. With the project that we prepared, our students will make researches in various fields with the students in European countries, they will provide their language development, they will improve their entrepreneurship & sharing feelings and they will learn cultural differences. The effect of our project on society is that they will survive as conscious consumers in a more healthy nature. Our schools will find the opportunity for making practice in training field regarding the same ideas and the same problem. Our project consists of 6 participating countries. In the activities there will be project teams (students and teachers) from each country will take active roles and the rest of students of the school will assist in the execution of projects. Our commutation with our partner will be realized by e-mails, phones, social networking sites, Skype video conversation and also transnational visits.
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