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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The competence of a profession and the safety requirements at work are very important for students’ in order to gain the stability at work market which are far from the reality in vocational schools. Professions of builder and woodwork manufacturer provide great possibilities to integrate into a competitive work market and to maintain, and work successfully in it. The most important is motivation in order to gain good results and perform all works safely, as well. It is not paid enough attention for work safety in Lithuania yet. That is witnessed by Work Safety Inspection which published statistic data of all unfortunate accidents at work. So, educational programs on work safety matters are not accurate enough, do not fully reflect the needs of the employers’. To set up for a good specialist there should be created opportunities for students not only learn theoretically work safety but also provide the opportunity to work directly with the latest technology and modern tools of modern equipment and other equipment during practice time. Very important role in European decision-making sphere is performed by European social partners in occupational safety and health area because there is a must to consult with them on various decision-making stages. Thus, the main objective of the project is to provide students with wide professional help, prepare qualified professionals capable to work in a qualified way and organize a safe workplace. Improve students' practical and theoretical knowledge, providing a safe work at the object with the equipment in the workplace. Effective application of technical progress tools for the protection of other health workers and their own. Properly trained personnel, who are provided with efficient and properly maintained equipment and material, can work more productively and bring more economic benefits. It is necessary to achieve the purpose of practical skills in other vocational schools or companies, the evaluation of the quality and its assurance, improving students’ social skills: adequate communication skills, the understanding and relationship among the employer, the employee and the new environment, peculiarities in team work, exchanging with practical experience, improving the overall European competence. Familiarize the achievements which are supported by the European Commission and are the best practice projects on health and wood industry, furniture manufacturing and construction sectors. How mentioned sectors are trying to create a healthy and safe working conditions for their employees. To become familiar with the social partners' initiatives which help to improve the quality of the work assuring better working conditions. According to the gained knowledge and experience from the social partners, to improve the training of qualified specialists in order to meet labor market needs and the implementation of the social partners' objectives. Members of the project: Klaipeda Construction School, Silute Tourism and Business Services School, Kaunas Social Services Center – restorers of buildings, decoration men or other construction field students. Each pupillage will have 3 students from all vocational schools and one accompanying person. Total: 27 members and 3 accompanying persons. Abroad partners: organizations from Germany, Italy and Spain. Results of the project: 1. Prepare package of reports on these topics: - Work safety ways in construction, wood industry in Germany, Italy and Spain; - The opportunities, similarities and differences at work safety. 2. Prepared reports presented on a final seminar in Power Point; 3. a new relationship with the EU training organizations and companies strengthen cooperation between the schools; 4. after each pupillage the accompanying person presents the school colleagues on the pupilage experience and the host organization. Also place information about the project process into the webpage. The dispersion of the project will be publicized: - into our partners and our webpages (,, and others); - the brought back information will be transferred from Traineeships on the final conference, will be invited members and teachers not only form partners’ institutions, but also representatives of companies that cooperate with the schools. All the gathered information: reports, photos, the impressions of members (written onto the CD or other storage) - will be transferred to members of construction specialties, who will be able to use that material as an auxiliary methodical support for other students’ to present; - at the end of the project to send a report to press about process of the project and its results on local and regional level (, or

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