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Santé Publique et Santé Mentale : Nouveaux besoins, nouvelles formations : quelle employabilité des usagers en Europe ?
Start date: Sep 1, 2014, End date: Aug 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Skills development and improvement of professional qualifications represent a major public health and education challenge. Since the main psychiatric reforms, the reduction of hospital beds, and the development of neuroleptic drugs, patients and users are now able to live alone or with their relatives, far from psychiatric hospitals. They can expect an autonomous life made of social and professional activities, close to the life of any other citizen. The global action plan of the World Health Organization between 2013 and 2020 recommends “the empowerment of users”. The project is based on the improvement of professional practices of social workers who accompany vulnerable groups in their own professional integration. At European level, their qualifications must be adapted to the new economic climate. Besides technical knowledge, this audience must acquire psychosocial skills in order to access and maintain employment on the real labor market instead of being placed in sheltered workshops. Social workers usually haven’t received adequate training for professional integration of people with mental disorder. To adapt the training to the economical environment, we must take into consideration the reality that is faced by companies and create a close partnership with a strong network of managers and well-trained team leaders on the issue of mental health. Furthermore, for those professionals, currently there are not a traced path or guide of good practices in order to cope with an increasingly demanding labour market. The training cursus of social workers could become obsolete in the current labor market conditions, if a upgrading is not included in their training (initial or continuous training). Our project aims to improve qualifications, because the stakes are high for both users with mental disorder, and social structures, which support their employability. Today, the economic context and the labour market are strangled: there are strong challenge to bring closer users, socials workers and companies. Although the users have mental disorder, they are often graduated and qualified. They must have access to employment like any other citizens. The project is built on the expertise of network competent partners from five different countries: Romania, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg and Belgium. It consists of psychosocial structures specialized in employment, of training centers in mental health issues and of research centers and universities, specialized in those matters. The general purposes of this project are: - Identify what has already been done in these five countries. - Analyze the needs of the triptych of the 150 major players “users, social workers and companies” to develop employability in the real labour market for people with mental disorder. - Build with all partners, validated skill reference, following the needs and analyses of each of the five country’s experts, social workers and team managers from various companies. - Create and develop five training seminars involving 15 participants per country. 75 professionals from 5 countries will have therefore benefited from the pilot training. - Make recommendations at a European level that could be transferable and accessible at a macro political level as well as at a micro structural level (training organizations, universities…). In a participatory approach, our project will produce methodological tools of scientific support to: - Analysis (interview grid, auditions and focus groups containing items and criteria for need assessment) - Development of a common referential training: founding and federative tools. - Development of tested training modules in the five countries: Goals, content, teaching methods, speakers, etc. - A negotiated participatory evaluation of the pilot trainings: working together on implementing quantitative and qualitative tools. Those tools will be downloaded from an Internet site for distance learning and remote information. To conclude, this innovative project attempts to measure the quality and set various benchmarks of the pilot trainings in each country in order to submit a recommendations report. Intended to inform the European Commission and the World Health Organization as well as the Ministries of Research, Educational and Public Health Authorities of each partner country, this report will ensure the sustainability of the project by implementing an European university degree which will respond to the training needs of social workers to develop employability for people with mental disorder.

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