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Start date: Jun 30, 2015, End date: Dec 29, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The information once accepted as true turns out to be wrong in time. It's crutial that you correct a mistake the moment you notice it. The earliar you notice and change your way in a right direction, the more developed and civilized country you become. Western World has started to use modern agriculture equipment and developed intensive agriculture in order to meet to need of the growing population and produce more products in a unite time. The stuiation was great for that time. Because these countries started to obtain large amounts of crop relying on little lebor force and increased their income. Modern civilization has become something legendary for the developed countries. Developing countries like Turkey wanted to adopt these techniques as soon as possible. Modern civilization methods once considired as correct and necessary started to reveal its bed sides and effects to the estern World. It revealed the three big sins "Unhealthy Agriculture Products-Toxic Cultivation Fields-The Ranks of the Unemployment". Everything comes to a price. Modern Cultivation has become a problem for the developed countries. The farmers continued using modern methods and getting yield but preferred to apply organic farming techniques for the crop they consume. This affected their own domestic markets. As the people preferred organic food more, organic farming techniques started to be applied more widely. Today the share of organic food has increased considerably. Organic crop fields have also got bigger. The developed countries has stopped applying modern cultivation techniques. We believed that it's complately wrong to increase the use of pesticides. The consumers should prefer organic healthy crops. The fields where no toxic pesticides are used should be expanded. The more common organic cultivation is the more healthy food, our citizens will consume. They will get ill less, their expenses for treatment and medicine will be less. The land of farming will be less polluted. Our environment will be cleaner. As it relies on more labour force, it will help reducing the unemployment. Next generations will be happier and lead a peaceful life. The project activities will take place in Aydın/Turkey between 03- 13 October 2015 with the involvement of 33 people ( 4 Group Leaders & 29 students) from Turkey and Poland.
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