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Start date: Sep 12, 2016, End date: Sep 11, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our project prepared by our institution is for our students who are studying in the fields of nursing assistantship and midwife assistantship. Under the project title ‘Healthy Family, Healthy Society’, it is aimed for the participants to have training on healthy family planning in Prague Nursing School located in Prague, Czech Republic where infant mortality rate is low and which has healthy caring standards. Our project shall be carried out with 30 students and 3 teachers to be selected in 3 flows. Each flow is aimed to be carried out by 10 students and 1 companion teacher. Desire of being a mother has an exclusive significance in women’s lives. However, not having follow-up care during pregnancy and after birth damages both the mother and the baby seriously. The care which should be given by periodical follow-ups includes mother follow-up in accordance with family planning. The aim is to protect the health of mother and baby. This situation has a great importance for forming healthy individuals and family planning. When the phases of woman in terms of health, women health and the care which should be given should start from ‘Perinatal’ period, even, it should start before that period. According to the data of ‘Turkish Statistical Institute 2014 Death’, the number of infant death is 14.821. It is determined that family planning and the following-up of mother/baby did not carried out carefully, the rate of infant death at 1- 4 months of age is 21.8, the death rate of the children under five years of age is 13,3 per thousand. Besides, according to the statistics in our country, Kilis comes in the first and Van comes in the fourth in the list showing the most number of infant deaths (Turkish Statistical Institute – Death Statistics 31/03/2015). In order to eliminate these problems, within the scope of Ministry of Health Reproductive Health Program, the young have been conducting studies of family planning, preparing emergency precaution programs, important scanning on the pregnant women with Grand National Assembly of Turkey especially in the risky regions in our country. It is determined that the primary reasons of infant in our province is specific situations resulting from perinatal period with the rate of 40% and congenital disturbances and anomaly related with chromosomes with the rate of 21%. (TUİK Van Regional Director Özer Coşğun) It is aimed for our students to improve their professional experiences by having training especially in Pregnant/ Puerperant units in the hospital, learning about patient follow-up systems and family follow-up systems after birth, having a closer experience on health officer and patient relations follow-up studies. Besides, they will also participate in the technical implementation training of follow-ups in perinatal period and prevention of congenital disturbances. With the training they have, our students can be employed as qualified intermediate staff in related sector after graduation. In this way, it is aimed for our students’ interests in the area to increase. For our students, as well as their vocational training, contributions to their personal development are also expected. Our participants will have the opportunity of experiencing foreign language in the country where it is spoken, comparing health studies, recognizing cultural differences.
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