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Sağlık Meslek Lisesi Öğrencilerine Avrupa Birliği'nde Tıp Bilişimi Yeterlilikleri Kazandırılması
Start date: Jul 18, 2016, End date: Jul 17, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Despite all the technological progress, large amount of labor, money and leeway has been ongoing because of inadequate data collection, unreliable information, subjectivity of observation etc. even in the most technolgically and scientifically developed countries. For these casualties, science progress is willynilly slowing and a huge waste of source is coming up. It is estimated that the average amount, spent on ICTs soft and hardware in USA in last decade is 21 billion dolar and this amount equels to the 8% of the health expenditure. Another spending record is observed from the EU reports. For last four years, almost 30 billion euros, in average, investment was made to the E-health which can be considered as a general name for clinical data systems and telemedicine systems in Europe. Whereby, e-health industry in europe has strengthened steps to become the third great investment in the continent with its 60-80 billion euro business volume. It is estimated that a lot countries invest to the data in the health field and communication technologies between 50 million and 11,5 billion dollars.Health an Medicine Training Education components must be set according to the line of student's development, conformed with the student's present stage and support them. For example; the education on patient records should be given after students of health gain some experience, but it shouldn't be so late as in the advanced stages and preventing them to use the information. Besides present education programmes, there is need for secondary education, undergraduate and graduate level programme of health and medicine. The need for staff, better educated, understanding IT techniques and methods, is increasing. Developments in the IT and medicine technology will go on in the future and it will not be easier than today to approach to its present speed which is difficult to catch. The next 20 year will witness developments in any field, maybe most in the genetic and biomedical engineering. Both of these two fields have a common filed with medical informatics. A lot of computer engineers and computers, working together with scientists and supporting them to interpret such a mass of information in this size, involved in the emergence of genome. Again, biomedical engineering is working in partnership with medical informaticsin many fields and highly advanced Technologies are arising. Devices, monitoring the patient and activating an alarm system by interpreting ECG changes occuring, are examples for this. Participant students of our project will* Gain experience about diagnosis, treatment, guidence,etc. on the web.* Obtain information about health support systems at smart homes* Have information about the things that a robot maid in health field can do. * See how wearable biosensors are used in the health field* Have information about how to make web interactive implants* Examine the use of nano technology, favourite in recent years, in the health fieldWe aim to * Increase employment and skills on new technologies* Modernize education, training and youth work* Improve labor market by focusing on young people* Especially increase the quality, productivity and atractiveness of beginner vocational education and training.In each mobility 12 students, 1 accompanying teacher and 1 manager in total 36 students, 3 accompanying teachers and 3 managers including 42 persons for 2 weeks, our project focuses on intership of our students at hospitals and health centers in Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary.Master trainers will demonsrate the usage of medical devices to the students during internship.With a successful conclusion of our ProjectWe expect to* Understand Information and Communication Technologies in health field* Contribute to the development of present ICT* Create principles and methods which will provide this contribution* Evaluate the improvements in terms of istitutions and individuals* Create a new employment in the field of medical informatics* Open sections like that in course of time* Develop suitable curriculum for these sections
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