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Sağlığım için HAYIR diyorum! / I Say NO For My Health
Start date: Aug 10, 2015, End date: Jan 9, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Addiction, with its general meaning, is defined as non-preventable wish against an object or a person or to be under control of another desire. Using a drug which makes someone addict or behaviour, although it starts with self-wish of the person, freedom of the person gets lost in time. And the behaviours he has just had affects his family, the environment he lives in and the society in addition to him. As known, in recent years, drug addiction has become a social problem for both in our country and the whole countries. According to researches, unfortunately, we face that the number that children and the youngs use drugs increases day by day and the age to start drugs decreases. In the field of children and youth of the 10th Development Plan, it has been determined that harmful habits such as smoking, alcohol and drugs is a serious risk fort he children and the youngs. In the first report, prepared by the special affection commission for children, using drugs is becoming a problem which is becoming more common. According to TUBIM 2013 Turkey Drug Report, the rate of using drugs between the ages of 15-24 is %2.9. %3.5 of men, %2.6 of women use drugs. According to the report, the average age to srart using drugs is 20. There is no doubt that, drug addiction which is one of the biggest problems in the world also takes place among the most important problems of our district. According to the datas of Sorgun Police Headquarters, nearly 50 young people use drugs. Particularly drug use in 2014, has increased significantly in our city and our district. 6 people were taken into custody with the operation held in our district on December 19. ( In addition, a young killed a 57 -year-old citizen because of alcohol use on November 6, 2014 . ( We believe that the activities we will make is going to strenghten the social cohesion and solidarity among young people in European Union. In our Project we aim to; To raise awareness of the harm of drugs and drug addiction, to create public opininon on the issue among our young by in this field or in the struggle with substance abuse agencies and organizations, to execute awareness and forbidding the wrong things campaigns by young people, to provide awareness to the user and damage materials in society by providing a social awareness in this direction, to develop the ability to say no against the proposals that may harm them, To create awareness through activities open to the public on child rights issues and substance abuse, to provide learning them thatusing drugs is a legal case involving criminal sanctions for family members, to show that youngs’ living or working in Europe will not cause a problem, To reduce the effects of racism and xenophobia, to make new activities with developing our communication with participants from other countries The total number of participants of our project is 38 Participants will be between 13-30 years old.. To reach our all these goals, to capture the quality, to achieve the desired efficiency and quality of our projects during our weekly activity, activities in the field of ‘Drug addiction’ will be carried out .by National Agency Trainers pool and the facilitator who has previously trained in this field. In addition, the specialists from Police Community Support, Counseling and Research Center, Community Health Center will support our project by participating. In our activities, the widely used and winding learning methods such as workshops, simulations, presentations, team work. As we use the non-formal education techniques, we will have a participant-centered learning process. Participants will not be in the listener position. Our participants will benefit from each stage of our work in an active way. Activities will be activated by using the interactive methods. During the project activities, new ideas associated with the project subject will be elicited and sessions will be made to create new projects. Participants will be given information about the project writing process and techniques and to write new projects on the topic and subtitles and implement them will be encouraged. A promotional film will be prepared by the participants to draw attention on the project subject. After project activities, we will organize informing seminars about drug addiction in our district.

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