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Safety Traffic
Start date: Aug 1, 2016, End date: Jan 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"Safety Traffic” is an innovative youth project to build knowledge and understanding in youth related road safety situations. 41 young people from Malta,Turkey ,Azarbaijan,Italy ,Georgia,Bulgaria ,Poland and Croatia will come together around summer time when a significant increase of traffic in roads is always felt as many people . A lot of alcohol-related road accidents and deaths are registered in this time period. This project aims to raise awareness and to promote action around factors which can make the greatest impact in reducing road traffic injuries among young people. During project days project's participants will improve their inter-cultural understanding and real mutual inter-cultural experience in youth related road safety issues in different countries, will gain skills in first aid, create short video clips, street actions and posters to help the Public Bodies to stabilise and then reduce road traffic fatalities in our local communities and around the world.Road strategy in Malta 2014-2024:Many severe road accidents are avoidable and research shows that the right interventions can create a position impact.Malta has maintained a relatively constant level of road fatalities over the past years even though there has been aconsiderable increase in registered vehicles on the road per year.Over the past decade there has been a total of (164) fatalities as a result of road accidents. The impact on families isdevastating, lives are cut short, injuries and disabilities impair the quality of life causing lifelong grief and pain.The following is an analysis of the road accident data, which raw data is collected by the Malta Police and analyzedby Transport Malta and the National Statistics Office (NSO). This data analysis will lead to a better and more in-depthunderstanding of . Statisitc for 2013 : total accidents in Malta 1583.Road safety in the European Union,statistics March 2015:Road safety is about people. Every day, millions of EU citizens usethe roads: walking, driving or riding a bicycle.Last year, almost 25 700 people did not make it home; more than200 000 people came home with life-changing, serious injuries.Every fatal or serious crash on our roads is a tragedy. It is our moralobligation – our shared responsibility – to take road safety seriously.The young people, between 15 and 24 years old,make up 11 % of the population but 17 % of all road fatalities. This means that the young still face the largest risk in traffic. The good news is that their share is decreasing. In recent years, fatalities among young road users have decreased more than for any other age group. These deaths or injuries can be prevented, if measures are taken by governments, police, health practitioners etc. But road safety can't be the responsibility of them alone. Also Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) play an important role in increasing road safety awareness. NGOs have an important input at grass roots level. And that's why by this project organizing we want act in our local communities and also support United Nations “Decade of Action for Road Safety” who's aim is reducing global road deaths 2011- 2020. The goal of this decade is “ stabilise and then reduce road traffic fatalities around the world by increasing activities at national, regional and local levels.”
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