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SAfe spaces for Inclusion of Lgbt+ youth
Start date: Sep 1, 2016, End date: Mar 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project “SAIL - SAfe spaces for Inclusion of Lgbt+ youth” starts from the desire to build a society that is inclusive towards every kind of diversity, particularly for minorities related to sexual identity. That is why the project’s main aim is to promote the inclusion of lgbt+ youth through the creation of safe and inclusive spaces in usually heteronormative contexts. This aim will be reached by transferring specific competences to youth workers who do not directly work with lgbt+ minority.The specific objectives are:- to raise awareness on the challenges faced by lgbt+ youth in youth work, taking into account the peculiarities of the participants’ local contexts;- to promote a language that is inclusive towards lgbt+ minority, through the analysis of the terms related to it;- to deepen the knowledge of the mechanisms of stereotypes and prejudices based on sexual identity, in order to deconstruct exclusion and discrimination;- to provide useful tools to implement good practices of inclusion of lgbt+ minority;- to enhance the implementation of an intersectional approach and a change in each one’s attitude, both at work and in daily life;- to provide tools to tranfer what the participants have learned to their sending organizations, thus guaranteeing a better quality of their work.- to deepen knowledge about Erasmus Plus Program as privileged frame for implementing the competences gained during the Training Course.The project involves 28 participants from Italy, Portugal, Spain, Netherlands, Malta, Greece, Croatia and Romania, aged 18-35, active in youth work field and with previous competences in Non Formal Education.The Training Course will be held in Alpignano (Torino), 11th-19th December 2016; the activity will be participant-centred, through the use of Non Formal Education methodology, together with some elements coming from theatrical methodology. The Training Course will provide a concrete support to people working in the youth field and to youth organisations, promoting the exchange of good education practices at an international level. This way, we’ll respond to the widespread need to guarantee a higher quality of education activities in the associations involved, also raising the level of their inclusion. The long-term positive impact is connected to the participants role of multipliers in their own contexts (both at a local and international level), using the tools and good practices experienced. Moreover, as an output of the project the participants will produce a Booklet gathering the tools and good practices resultant from the Training Course. This Booklet will be spread on-line by the partner associations as a means to provide specific contents, that can be easily consulted and accessible to every youth worker, so that they can improve the competences in Non Formal Education, in the same time promoting the Erasmus Plus Program.
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