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Sähköistyvä ja verkottuva lukio
Start date: 01 Jul 2016, End date: 30 Jun 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Lauttakylä Upper Secondary school (Lauttakylän lukio) has a strong experience with international activities. We have been involved with Erasmus+ KA1 project since 2014 when we wanted to enhance our international aims. We reached our goals well. Now, with a new project we want to increase our capabilities in two ways. First, we want to deepen our international know-how by networking with other highly experienced schools and partners. Our concrete aim is to find a new project with these new partners and to get international co-operation so that we have a functioning connection outside Europe, for example in Asia. The main goal of these new international projects is to increase the interest of our students related to international activities. In our region, international relations have not been regarded as a resource or as a chance to get a job. We want to have a bigger number of students involved with our international projects as a group, and as an individuals, a bigger number students to try some time as an exchange student. The other side of the project is to make better our teaching skills. We are aware we lack skills in web-, project- and e-learning. These contents are more and more present in new national curriculum for upper secondary schools. We are in a need for this kind of courses as there are no such available in Finland. According to our knowledge, most of the courses in Finland are more oriented using tools rather than ideas. For example, a project based learning has not been used quite often in upper secondary school studies. The other side of this is to gain experience with these sectors. We organized an open application within our school. There were 6 answers out of 15 teachers. The school administration is represented by headmaster Timo Mäkinen, students possibilities for future international activities is looked after by students counsellor Anu Heinonen-Seppälä, the subjects are represented by Jari Ekberg from Finnish media studies, Kalle Vähä-Heikkilä from natural sciences, Petteri Mertala from humanities and Leena Salminen from foreign languages. She is also taking part in job shadowing and her goal is to build new selection of courses in French by using experience from job shadowing. The participants for building for a new network with international projects are Mäkinen, Heinonen-Seppälä and Petteri Mertala who works also as a coordinator for Lauttakylä Upper Seconadry school's international activities. Mertala and Mäkinen have already received an invitation related to topics. Mertala works also as the coordinator of this project. The participants for the new teaching tools are Vähä-Heikkilä, Ekberg, Salminen and Mertala representing their subjects. Also Mäkinen wants to take part in course related to the administration of the future school. Sex balance out of the participants are 2 female and 4 male. In practise as the project goes on, each participant seeks the course, sorts out its suitability with project, signs up for the course and takes care of the travel arrangements. Representing the city of Huittinen headmaster gives a permission to travel and also looks after the financial part. After the travel participant reports to National Agency with the of coordinator and with the group of participating teachers considers the possibilities of the course for curriculum and everyday teaching.Our goals of the networking is to get our school involved with an international project and to increase willingness of our students to take part in students exchange programs. The goal of the new teaching methodology is to increase our skills and make them permanent part of our curriculum and everyday practise. The good practises gained from this project are to be spread not only in city of Huittinen but in the region as well starting with our partners. Some part of the experience is also available in national level as Vähä-Heikkilä continues his work teaching other science teachers in seminars.
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