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Saç ve Makyaj Tasarımı Uygulamaları
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

We realized projects with our activity, our school has provided the apprentice students in Beauty an Hair Care department with applied education and on-the-job training . Thus, students was able to increase their theoretical and technical abilities, they was observe the materials, products and devices on-the - job training. With these experiences, they was able to employed more potentially with more productivity. What's more, we was observe the vocational education methods applied in Europe, to share information between the corporations, to learn different cultures and languages, to restore European consciousness and to adopt the obtained vocational information, skills and techniques into our country. When we began implementation of our students apprentice mobility projects, related to the project by our overseas partners, information sessions was held and students placed. Our partners; IDE gemeinnützige GmbH Rheinland-Pfalz, tertiary institutions and justusvonliebig Berufsschule Beauty and Hair Care Services Area was conduct apprentice mobility of students. The observing of vocational progress of our students was made by our partners and our project comitee. Our students was do training course activities on weekdays, they will also do social and cultural activities at weekends during this 21-day- training period. Beauty and Hair Care Technologies of apprentices in training activities, computerized hair and makeup design program (Hair Pro and makeovertaaz) was develop their professional skills through practice. At the end of prepared project, the students was able to employed with better qualifications thanks to the vocational information and skills they obtained. Furthermore, they was supplied with the techniques , methods, materials, computerized hair and make-up designs used in Europe and applied education in hair dressing and beauty services in Europe. They was contribute to the development of hair dressing and beauty service field with a more enterprising spirit thank to the education in our common corporations and establishments. The students was also get experience with various communication education, thus they will keep better dialogues with the customers, they will get to know other languages and cultures which will provide them a better vision and communication abilities. The activities of vocational mobility was provide our students to improve their qualifiedness of living in different cultures, having effective self-confidence, enhancing language skills.Europass Certificate, which shows that their vocational capabilities improve ,was given to our students. Our project is suitable for EU 2020 strategy of Erasmus+ Program in point of its outcome. Additionally, our participants and advisor teachers was get international information, skill and experience thanks to this vocational education and was make use of these throughout their life. If our participants to carry out these activities; Kırıkkale Yahşihan Vocational Training Centre student group is studying the period of apprenticeship training in the field of beauty and hair care services . Participants in our group of 24 students (12 girls - 12 boys) and consists of three guidance counselors. All of our participant students was chosen among the students who have ,at least, average occupational knowledge and experience about their professions, want to be successful in their professions, want to improve hand capability, follow the progression about their professions, want to learn new technological methods ,have a great imagination power. Furthermore; Three teachers was assigned as counselors to guide our participants. Because some of our participants are girls , one of our teachers was woman. Our teachers was chosen among the teachers who graduate from 4-year-university , who teach in beauty and hair care department . The vocational mobility of our project was take place in Mannheim - Ludwigshafen in Germany for 21 days( 3 weeks).
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