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Saç Bakım Hizmetlerinde Yenilikçi Yaklaşımlar: Avrupa'da Bilgisayarlı Saç Tasarım Uygulamaları
Start date: Aug 1, 2016, End date: Jul 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Vocational education has important roles and responsibilities in order to meet the qualified technical personnel needed by the sectors. But vocational education in our country has important deficiencies and needs in this regard. The main deficiencies and needs of vocational education are the differences between the curriculum applied in the education institutions and the qualifications that are necessary for the sectors, school-sector cooperation is insufficient and not giving enough importance to English education. From past to present sense of beauty differs from in each period and the applications and likings in this field are constantly renewed. Therefore hairdressing and beauty services are a dynamic, improving and changing sector. Also in vocational education theoretical and practical training about many subject in the field of beauty and hair care are given. However hairdressing training both in the sector and in the vocational training should be raised to the international level and new techniques and methods should be used. In this context, information technology which is located in every sector should be used in the hairdressing sector. Computerized hair design that is the subject of our project is commonly used in Europe. Thanks to this application the people who will receive hairdressing service can see the desired size, shape and color of hair after they take photograph and apply the desired things on the photo and this is a design process. In our consortium applicant school Burhaniye Vocational Education Center is consortium coordinator, Burhaniye Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School and Ayvalık Vocational Education Center are consortium members. Our institutions have similar deficiencies and needs to train skilled staff because of the needs of vocational education system mentioned in our country. In addition, although we are in information and technological age, computerized hair design education can not be given to the students because of the deficiencies in the curriculum in the vocational education institutions, information and labor force. Our project is for apprentice students and 11th and 12th grades students in Beauty and Hair Care Services in our school. We aim with our project that the participants can get applied training about “Computerized Hair Design” in the institutions that have experts in their fields and extremely developed in terms of technological and modern infrastructure in Europe. Therefore they can improve their vocational skills and increase the employment opportunities. Other objectives of our project are acquiring Europe work discipline, improving general and vocational foreign language and learning innovative and modern practices in the field of computerized hair design in our country. The foreseen results and impacts of our project are creating Europeness awareness in our participants, increasing social skills, understanding the importance of language diversity, being tolerance by interacting with different culture, self-confidence, increasing learning performance, increasing management and enterprise capacity of our institutions that make up our consortium and transferring innovative applications into the educational institutions and sectors. The foreseen benefits in long-term are contributing to widespread the computerized hair design that is not common in the hairdressing sector and meet the skilled staff need that the sector needs, preparing the ground for new partnership, improving the modernization and quality in the educational environment and strengthening the cooperation between school and sector. According to our project methodology collaboration and tasks sharing will be based on, a management team will be created an all works will be carried out by this team. In preparation activities promotion, presentation and lecture methods will be used. During the mobilized activities training exercises will be done by using lecture, demonstration and application methods. During the generalizing activities all target groups will be informed about our project by using promotion, presentation and lecture methods. Our project will be composed of 6 different flows, first 3 flows will be carried out between the dates of 12 February- 26 February 2017, the other 3 flows will be carried out between the dates of 5 March-19 March 2017 in Hungary, Austria and Portugal. Each flow has 7 participants and 1 accompanying. In total there will be 42 participants and 6 accompanying in our project.

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