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SA-IVT 2000- European project sustainable agriculture /Initial vocational training 2000

This project will develop a training programme to fill a gap in the provision of appropriate initial and continuing vocational training caused by the substantial growth in organic/sustainable agricultural production in the EU. Sustainable agriculture is more labour-intensive than and requires a different set of skills from those in conventional agriculture. Recruiting trained staff for sustainable agriculture has become increasingly difficult. As a result, many farmers employ untrained staff. The curriculum being developed will harmonise and standardise the content of an apprenticeship training programme, with additional training programmes for EU-level-2in sustainable agriculture, in a way that can be implemented in the appropriate formats for the various countries. This will be done through the following steps:° needs analysis of partners;° exchange of available training materials (modules, handbooks, etc);° comparison of related regulations;° development of standard modules (handbooks) on specialised areas of farming;° training of trainers within the partnership;° feasibility study on the possibility of setting up a European sustainable agriculture training partnership.Setting up a broad EU partnership is expected to open up a wider audience for the project.
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