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S1-L16B Argentina Towards Europe for Social Sciences
Start date: Jul 15, 2011,

ARTESS Project will provide international mobility from Argentina to Europe for Doctoral, Post Doctoral and Staff (both academic and administrative) levels, in the field of Social Sciences and Public Administration. The project intends to promote capacity building through mobility flows not only for the researchers and academic community, but also for Argentinean nationals employed in private and public institutions. The Associate Partners will promote ARTESS project opportunities among their members and stakeholders. The scholarships will offer important opportunities for upgrading and reinforcing capacities on issues which are in the agenda of many Argentinean institutions, both public and private. ARTESS Project integrates in a cooperation scenario that already sees the Partners working together at several levels. The whole project will improve Argentinean universities’ capacity for EU and international dialogue, thus facilitating the conclusion of partnership agreements between European and Argentina for the implementation of double and joint diplomas. The association of Argentinean universities will enhance national cooperation and lead to the creation of stronger networks, far beyond the consortium. This will help create an environment suitable to make the project sustainable. As all EU Partners have experience in the hosting of students, the consortium is able to guarantee high quality services. Beneficiaries will have full access to all university facilities for academics needs as well as all the cultural and leisure equipments. Besides accommodation, welfare and coaching, cultural integration is one of the most important points in our project, favouring knowledge of both incoming and welcoming countries, in order to build a lasting bridge between European and Argentina societies. Before arriving and during the whole stay at the hosting institution, incoming students, researchers and staff will find all information they need at the Erasmus Mundus contact point of each partner institution. Given the special emphasis of the whole project on the enhancing of the opportunities of talented students/researchers coming from unfavourable environments, the impact on target groups is thought to be non negligible. From one part the help of national public bodies and NGO is actively sought, to participate in the promotion of the project, so that information can reach the concerned target groups. Pursuing the same goal through a continuing network of former beneficiaries another engagement among. The same network can act as a powerful instrument in extending itself to other unfavourable situations, groups and geographical areas. The proposal foresees to award 64 scholarships: scholarships for Sandwich Doctorates are 39, for TG2 Full Doctorates the foreseen mobilities are 8; Post-Doctorate scholarship are 9; foreseen Staff mobilities are 8. Target Group 1 mobilities consist in 48 scholarships and represent 75% of all individual mobilities. Full PhD mobilities are limited by the call requirements to TG2, including thus in this exchange opportunities graduates both of Partner Institutions and other public or private universities. Staff mobilities foresee 4 scholarships of 1 month duration and 4 scholarship of 2 months duration, in order to adapt to the institutional commitments and needs of the academic and administrative staff involved.
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