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S1-L16A Argentina Cooperation for International Research and Study
Start date: Jul 15, 2011,

The Partnership is submitting a proposal for a project named ARCOIRIS (ARgentina COoperation for International Research and Study) the main objective of which is to promote higher education cooperation between EU and Argentina in coherence with the EU general goal of improving the bilateral cooperation in the field of education. The specific activities aiming at the objective will be: • mobility from Argentina to the EU of doctorate students, post-doc researchers and academic/administrative staff for the purpose of studying, researching, teaching and training in order to develop their qualifications and their international experience; • promoting transparency, mutual recognition of qualifications and periods of study, research and training, and, where appropriate, portability of credits; • promoting mobility paying a special attention to an equal and fair treatment to all students and staff, selecting those coming in particular from disadvantaged groups (for gender, handicap, economical reasons) always taking into account the academic excellence. • supporting the mobility of professionals (academic and administrative staff) with the view of improving mutual understanding and expertise on those issues which are relevant to relations between Argentina and the EU. Brief description: The proposal matches the Internationalization Policy of all Argentinean partners that attempt to improve the quality of the educational and teaching level, offering to its researchers and staff several opportunities to participate in international research networks, diversifying knowledge approaches, approaching scientific cooperation and multicultural experiences, allowing the higher education field to be part of the international reciprocity. The European partners have been selected in order to offer a consolidated experience in academic studies and exchange, bringing an open-minded vision of the new Global Knowledge Society. The Partnership is composed of 11 European Universities representing 6 European countries, of 9 Argentinean Universities well distributed over the national territory and of 10 associated members. The Partnership has been carefully selected in order to ensure both a fair geographical balance and academic excellence proven by the position covered in national and international ranking by the partner Universities. The Argentinean partnership allows a large coverage in the geographical lot, representing 8 Argentinean regions and including Higher education institutions from larger cities and from regions with lower HDI. As defined in the Guidelines of the Call for the region, the project will be open for developing cooperation activities in these specific thematic fields: Agricultural Sciences, Engineering, Technology, Geography, Geology, Mathematics, Informatics and Natural Sciences. By promoting interdisciplinary research and education, the Partnership will cover all the areas of study and disciplines identified by this lot, enabling all Partners to further improve their research and educational quality and fostering their vision, diversity and creativity. The wide coverage of all disciplines is achieved thanks to the presence of both comprehensive and technological Universities. The implementation of the ARCOIRIS project will create a concrete opportunity for further promoting research and educational collaborations among institutions in the EU and Argentina. For what concerns the total number of mobility flows, the proposed scheme not only satisfies the minimum established by the EM Call, but in fact allows to distribute the project funding to a large number of individuals in equal proportions among all partners, in a balanced proportion among the Target Groups and the Study Levels.

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