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Start date: Jul 15, 2010,

The Sustainable e-Tourism project, designed for professionals and academics, encouragescollaboration between tourism partners and proposes a methodology and an IT infrastructure toenhance the existing tourism actors by:· identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the proposed solutions,· establishing competitive capabilities to increase the competitiveness of the partners to capturenew opportunities in tourism industry in EU and Asia,· developing human resources in ICT and business strategies.Project management structure: The partners will set up a Project management board (PMB) thatconsists of the project coordinator, and the local project managers from each partner institution. Themain function of the PMB will be reviewing and monitoring the project progress during the life cycle ofthe project. The PMB board will jointly provide the policy and procedures for cross cutting issues likeequal opportunities, social equity, and gender balance, and for monitoring the project progress. Threemeetings will be held per year (six online and six physical for the whole project). The agendas andminutes will be published in the project website. Apart from the scheduled PMB meetings, the projectmembers will keep in regular contact, communicating and exchanging information via telephone,email, video conferences, real-time interactive "chat" sessions and asynchronous electronicforums/bulletin boards. First Kick-off PMB meeting will discuss and agree the possible policy andmonitoring procedure for mobility. All physical PMB meetings will also include seminars and tutorials.The project coordinator will be the main contact person with EC and supervise the whole project. Theproject manager in academic issues and the local project manager at ULL will assist the coordinator torun the project. The local project manager from each partner will coordinate the project actions at thelocal sites.Virtual Learning Center (VLC): A VLC will be developed for online PMB meetings, online coursedelivery and online research presentations. This will give opportunity for resource and researchsupport through existing collaborative sites such as that have been alreadydeveloped in the former project.Dissemination: The research outcomes will be published in international conferences and researchjournals. Any IPR (Intellectual property right) will be dealt through PMB and the involved institutions.The teaching materials and resources (books) will be made available for all partners to continueadditional future actions of the programme even after the project lifetime through existing project website will provide a database of relevant documents and communications thatwill track the major activities and developments undertaken in the project and the milestonesachieved. This is to allow all partners and a wider audience to profit from knowledge-sharing throughthe E-Tourism project, promoting economic development and cultural understanding.

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