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Start date: Jul 15, 2010,

Project activities include ensuring permanent internal and external communication and information exchange, project webpage management, selection of students and staff by common selection committee, managing mobility flows, performing respective financial management, preparing the regular project reports. Hosting institutions for incoming Asian students and staff are responsible to carry out all administrative and academic duties (management of scholarship budget, assistance with visa application, accommodation, welcoming services and administrative services as well as academic support and monitoring). By applying ECTS standards to the exchanges, the transparency and recognition of studies and qualifications will be improved and the know-how on the Bologna process disseminated. The consortium has chosen to include 4 countries from group A (Cambodia, Mongolia, Vietnam and Laos) and 4 countries from group B (Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and China). On average this will involve two universities as full partners from each group, allowing the covering of as many subject areas as possible - in particular subject areas related to life sciences, i.e. agriculture, forestry, food science and biotechnology, environmental sciences, landscape architecture and planning. The associates have been chosen because they offer complementary subject areas in studies and research, which are relevant to the core subjects offered by the consortium.In total 120 mobility flows (=more than the minimum requested: 100) have been planned in frame of this project from Asian institutions to EU. The planned exchange activities and mobility flows involve staff and students representing all levels of the participating institutions: BSc-, MSc-, and PhD-students, Post-doctorate as well as Academic staff. 10 Asian Bachelor students will spend a period of 5 months (one academic year) and 16 Asian Bachelor students will spend a period of 10 months (a full academic year) in the EU. 22 Asian MSc students will attend a 10-month study period abroad. 12 prospective Asian MSc students will complete a full MSc program at EU universities in order to prepare and stimulate them for a future academic career at their home institutions. 16 Asian PhD students will be mobile for 10 months each in order to carry out research work at the host university and 10 will complete the full degree programme. Topics of doctoral theses will be defined and agreed upon between host and sending institution and will include a co-supervisor from the sending institution whenever possible. Thus the mobility of young researchers and the selected research topics will result in further scientific cooperation between the institutions on topics of mutual interest. The mobility of 8 Asian post-docs together with 26 Asian academic staff will contribute to exchanging information about the Bologna process and the ECTS system as well as to the development of further joint research and educational projects.
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