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S1-L11-EXPERTS-Exchange by Promoting Quality Education, Research and Training in South and South-East Asia (AFGHANISTAN, BHUTAN, NEPAL, PAKISTAN, BANGLADESH + GROUP B)
Start date: Jul 15, 2010,

This project places an emphasis on research and cooperation, establishing collaborative framework forhuman resource development through training and upgrading the skills of junior faculty staff,undergraduates, postgraduates and postdoc researchers by specified learning objectives in the field ofengineering and technology, agricultural sciences, environmental studies, business-management andsocial sciences. The implementation of individual mobilities, with special emphasis to researchinitiatives, will provide students from SSEA regions with mobility for a broader choice of opportunitiesfor study experience in EU institutions. The project will upgrade and enhance educational qualification,teaching & research skills through effective implementation of students, researchers and teaching staffexchanges respecting quality indicators while introducing a practice-based approach to education. Weanticipate to further strengthen our cooperation and developing new areas of cooperation inharmonizing innovative research as well as continuous actions for transparency and comparabilitybetween the different HE systems in EU and SSEA countries under EM Action 2.The sustainability of the results and the dissemination of the expertise gained by the full-scale longtermnetwork cooperation between the European and the Asian partners reaching also beyond thescholarship offered will bring new collaborative research initiatives and will create an opportunity forjoint degree programs between EU and SSEA partners. Dissemination and promotion of the project willbe done strategically so that we can attract talented Asian students (undergraduates, master and PhD)to be the future leaders for better academic leadership and good governance in their respectivecountries. The participating institutions in the region will also work more closely with TG 2 universitiesto bring them into the idea of the EXPERTS project and to make them familiar with the "BolognaProcess" as well. All partners have very strong commitment to the project's objectives and proven highoperational and academic capacity.Total of 126 mobility flows are planned. 26 undergraduates, 34 Master, 15 Post-docs, 25 PhD placesand 26 staff mobilities from which half will be for academic staff and half for personnel related to theinternationalization process of the universities to learn techniques about the management andadministration with reference to the international realm.
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