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S1-L10 Central Asia Student International Academic exchange with EU
Start date: Jul 15, 2011,

The project’s wider objective is the establishment of a sustainable / operational network for academic exchange between Central Asia and European countries with a view to creating centres of excellence in CA Region. The CASIA project aims at the following specific objectives: - To enable a larger group of talented CA students to study at EU universities and benefit from already established educational links with EU universities, leading to a degree at an EU university and at the same time to a degree at their home university (Double Degree); - To enable a larger group of talented CA PhD students to obtain EU PhD degree using the `sandwich’ construction; - To enable BSc, MSc and PhD students from CA to study in another country during their regular study programme at home university; - To stimulate mobility of BSc, MSc and PhD students from CA to EU and academic recognition of periods of study; - To bring together scientists from East and West during joint supervision of MSc or PhD thesis work; - To enhance the qualifications of teaching staff, young researchers and administrative staff from CA-countries; - To facilitate the transfer of academic expertise to CA academic institutions, upgrade curricula and to modernize research methods and - To develop double degree programs for Master and PhD students from CA and EU students. The Consortium brings a wide range of disciplines together, but focuses in specific on agriculture, life sciences, trans-boundary natural resource management and climate change. The wider objective is very relevant in the context of partner Universities modernisation and adaptation of their education capabilities towards reformed countries economy in the region. The chosen main disciplines are addressing the regional, common needs of 4 CA -countries involved. To meet the project objectives in total 109 mobility flows are planned from CA institutions to EU. In total 28 BSc students will participate in student mobility and will attend a 10-month or 6-month study period abroad in order to enhance their qualification and by this benefit linguistically and culturally. 26 MSc students will complete a full MSc program at EU universities or will complete study programme partially at EU and partially at CA home university following double degree study programs. 22 PhD students will participate in 10-month, 14-month or 36- month mobility depending on the status and topic of their PhD project. The mobility of 9 CA post-doctorates for 6-month together with 24 academic staff (for 1-month or 2-month) is planned to upgrade the research and teaching skills of academic staff. The participation of BSc, MSc, PhD and Post- Docs and academic staff is expected to contribute to capacity building in CA countries related to higher education in the fields of Life Sciences, Agriculture, Food Technology, Health, Trans-boundary Natural Resources Management.
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