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S1-L05 JOrdan SYria Linking Europe and Erasmus Mundus
Start date: Jul 1, 2011,

The objective of the project is to enhance the understanding (linguistically, culturally, socially and educationally) and the international cooperation capacity in the field of science, education and culture between Europe, Jordan and Syria through an institution-based mobility scheme (all five levels included) between 10 universities in Europe, 5 universities in Jordan and 5 universities in Syria. In order to create relations and bridges between Europe and the targeted countries special attention will be paid to fields of common interest to the partners but all fields will be included to promote social, economical, and political stability that could bridge some of the gaps that may threaten to grow between Europe and the targeted countries. Lund University is dedicated to the development of cooperation with universities in the Middle East, and previous fruitful experiences of long-term cooperation with the European universities and with several universities in the targeted countries. All partners have embraced the idea of a systemic and institution-based approach to mobility at all levels as a mean of achieving improved understanding and compatibility between higher education systems and to further deepen and develop an already on-going cooperation. Twelve active partners (Lund included) that have been part of the on-going projects with Jordan/Syria/Lebanon will also be partners in this new project for Jordan and Syria securing continuity in the project while the new partners will bring new ideas, values and competences. Continued cooperation with the same partner universities in Jordan and Syria secures sustainability in the project, while the new partners in Jordan and Syria will bring new ideas and insights and already very good achievements will be shared. Partner universities will work closely with TG 2 universities to bring them closer the idea of the programme and to further involve them in the “Bologna process” by inviting them to conferences and seminars and do promotion visits. All partners have a very high operational and academic capacity and commitment to the project and its objectives. The close cooperation with the Centre for Middle Eastern Studies at Lund University will secure the good relations in the lot countries for a sustainable development in a national and international environment for all partners involved.
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