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S1-L01 - Al Idrisi - A scholarship scheme for exchange and cooperation between Europe and the Maghreb
Start date: Jul 15, 2011,

The local operative level concerns the implementation of the mobility flows at each partner university and is dealt with by a Local Operative Unit. The partnership will put into practice a common visibility, awareness rising and promotion strategy for the project and its mobility scheme. Based on the structure of the different target groups, a twofold approach will be followed: A local visibility campaign in order to increase the awareness for intra-consortium mobility flows and a nationwide campaign with a special focus on less favoured regions and social strata. The Project Management Unit will pay regular personalized promotion visits to selected partner universities, embassies and consulates of participating European Countries and the EU-Delegations in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia. A comprehensive website ( will contain all the basic information about the project and its partners, an explication of the scholarship scheme, the call for applications with clear information about the admission requirements and the selection mechanism, access to newsletters, a section with frequently asked questions, etc. An impartial and transparent selection process is one of the cornerstones of the project. It will work exclusively on the basis of merit and equal opportunities for all the targeted students and scholars taking into account also the cross-cutting requirements of gender-balance and real participation of socio-economically disadvantaged people. The International Offices at each partner university will play a key role managing the incoming and outgoing mobility flows of the grantees. They will help and guide the incoming students and scholars, provide assistance for obtaining visa and residence permits, and give all the necessary administrative support and orientation. The Local Operative Units at the host universities will assign a supervisor or contact person to each incoming student or scholar. They will organize regular individual and joint meetings with the grantees that will allow problems to be detected and possibly avoided at a very early stage.

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