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S jazyky napříč tematickými plány i Evropou
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project of education and teachers´ mobilities will enable us to improve our use of new and effective teaching methods in theclassroom, refresh our knowledge of the language and improve the fluency in a foreign language communication. We expect theenrichment and improvement of our teaching methods so that they are more diverse and efficient. The opportunities to participatein methodological seminars and graduation from professionally focused courses abroad give us more enthusiasm and energy andhelp us to develop our teaching skills in order to make the lessons for our students more interesting, effective and diverse. We willshare our newly acquired knowledge and skills with our colleagues at school.During the course, which is always attended by teachers from different European countries, there will be many opportunities andsituations to share the experience of our teaching practice and possibly make new contacts and plan work on new internationalprojects which would be profitable for our students. Mutual understanding during working on such a project and eventualinternational gathering of young people will raise their mutual tolerance, respect and understanding.The project includes eight teachers, five of them have qualification in a foreign language, three are science teachers, including theheadteacher. The language teachers regularly work on projects which are prepared for the classic lessons as well as for abovestandard education and activities beyond the curriculum. They are aware of the need of continuous improvement of their ownlanguage skills and the need to learn about new approaches enabled by new technologies. The other teachers feel a lack of theknowledge of English for their further development as a teacher (a headteacher), as well as for their work on projects in a foreignlanguage and for their cooperation with foreign partners, including web communications.Within the project we have chosen the activities in the form of training courses that are focused linguistically, professionally andmethodically.We expect an increase in the quality of teaching foreign languages thanks to the skills and experience which the teachers will gainin language courses. The participation in these courses abroad will bring a personality and a professional development for all teaching staff . We also anticipate an increase in motivation of our students for studying foreign languages. We want to apply newteaching elements which could enrich their study of language, outline their additional opportunities for international cooperation inorder to succeed in the future competitiveness and abroad.As the long-term benefit we expect an increasing students' interest in learning languages. We would also like to motivate otherteachers to take an active part in international projects. We want to keep our continuous development and improvement in thecurrent pedagogical trends in order to offer our students a good education for their future life.
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