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S jazykovými znalostmi do Evropy
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Project Summary We began the project „Language Skilled to Europe“ on the basis of financial support from EU ERASMUS+. Our team was assisted by TOP PRIORITY Agency and last but not least the project was backed by the enthusiasm of the participants who were eager to improve the quality of language teaching in our school. We didn’t intend only to improve the English or German language teaching but we also intended to become a Czech school reflecting European or global context. Our teachers were supposed to communicate with native speakers more flexibly, to acquire new knowledge, skills and experience in language teaching, to improve their communicative skills etc. Which was mostly achieved. 3 teachers teaching on the primary level of our school travelled abroad. All of them were surprised by the social environment free from multicultural conflicts. The first teacher has been teaching for 23 years and being fully qualitied (primary level of Czech basic school) she has been teaching English for 14 years. Her level of English is B1 reached by self-study. Despite her initial fears about communicative skills, she decided to accept the journey which subsequently exceeded her expectations. After her return she was talking about the course and the journey enthusiastically and her intention is to repeat such experience once again. The second teacher has been working for the school for 20 years as a primary level teacher. She is fully qualified but lacks the qualifications in English. Her level of English is A1 but she is as determined and enthusiastic as her colleague. The third teacher is fully qualified, she has been teaching for 19 years and she has been studying German language systematically for approx. 10 years. She participates E-Twinning and one of her activities is the cooperative project called “We and our town – you and your town” carried out in German language in cooperation with a school from Slovakia. She was also attempting to enter the cooperation with a German school which she unfortunately has not succeeded in. She runs a school German language study circle as an extra-curricular activity. The benefits, the teachers emphasize about the course and stay, are the improvement of communicative skills, extending vocabulary related to the local conditions and rewarding experience of living in the target language community. Their initial difficulties with accommodating to the local accent and “international” German/English produced by their colleagues at the course were finally overcome, however. At the end of the course they were able to communicate successfully in the fluent manner and they felt sorry they had to leave once their communicative skills improved and accommodated to the situation. All the teachers agreed on the fact that thanks to the journey and the course, their communicative skills have radically improved. Nevertheless, the opportunity to experience the social and cultural conditions of the target language community seems to be probably even more important benefit of the stay. New language methodology approaches learned during the course may be used in the teaching process. And moreover their new self-confidence and self-assurance allows them to use the knowledge and skills to run and participate new projects at e-twinning.

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