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Růst odborných dovedností žáků pro zaměstnatelnost a konkurenceschopnost.
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project „Growth of professional skills of students for employability and competitiveness is prepare for 30 students. Fields with indenture: Confectioner, Baker, Cook/Waiter and field with graduation study: Hospitality and Tourism. For 8 Confectioners and Bakers is prepared traineeship for 3 weeks in the sweet shop called Betta. For 8 students with field Hospitality and Tourism is prepared traineeship for 4 weeks at renowned hotel Free Beach Club. For 4 Cooks/Waiters is prepared traineeship for 4 weeks in the Institute for Education I.P.S.E.O.A. Cervia. The last series of traineeships will be prepare in the Institute for Education lal Innovazione Apprendimento Lavoro Emilia Romagna S.r.L. and in partner hotel Raffaello in Cavalese. The traineeship lasting for 2 weeks is prepared for 10 students from field Cook/Waiter and field of Hospitality and Tourism and for one tutor. The main goal of the project is to obtain quality practise in real market environment renowned businesses and in Italian schools. The traineeship is a good reason for the testing of school knowledge and skills. The results of traineeships will be better competitiveness and employability of graduates internship. Thanks to the project, students can work in an international team. The practical training is under the supervision of experts in the given field. Moreover, practical training under the supervision of international experts and tutors is very important. Within interships students work with hight quality raw materials and the students will learn to prepare and serve healthy meals from fresh vegetables, fruits, meat, seafood etc. At their work students will use natural raw materials such as sea salt, vinegar, olive oil and fresh Mediterranean herbs. Current skills will be enriched by new traditional Italian recipes, bartending and barista experience. The graduates will gain language knowledge, communication skills, work experience, new friends for personal and professional life. This experience will help the graduates in the beginning of their profesional carrier. Work aktivity of graduates in the EU is important for future employment and for taking aktive part in Europan affairs. Mobility increases international cooperation between the educational and commercial sectors. Innovations and new methods of work will be applied to improve theoretical education. The project will provide them useful knowledge and working contacts which could be preventiv againts unemployment. It will help the graduates enter European labour market. Young inexperienced people are very motivated to be given oportunity to participace in the mobility project with the ERASMUS+ programme. Another task is to psychologically help those graduates whose financial situation will not allow them to travel abroad and study there. The traineeship will be conducted according to the principles of ECVET and following documents will be used: Learning Agreement, Memorandum of Understanding and Quality Commitment. During the ERASMUS+ project material will be collected and everything will be documented for presentation of the mobility results (Europass Mobility and Certificate of completion of internship ERASMUS+).

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