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Růst odborných dovedností žáků pro zaměstnatelnost a konkurenceschopnost .
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 30 Nov 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Growth of student skills and competitiveness for employmentThis is a project which is ready for 27 students for apprenticeships such as a baker/confectioner, cook, waiter and also for the hotel industry students and tourism. For the first time, we want to send out 6 teachers and supervisors for 1 week who will be watching the professionals and discussing the needs of employers about the future of school leavers.Topics for observation and discussion will be:• Modernization of education – better opportunities for employment • Increase of technological level for hand crafted fields of study• Vocabulary as a necessary part of professional life• Motivation as a key to successful work lifeTeaching support in gastronomy fields and development of business skillsThe main goal is to gain very good practice in a real market environment from reputable companies. The school leaver will be able to apply their knowledge, skills to expand themselves for better employment and to have the ability of being competitive. Because of this project, students can work and teachers can observe the situation in the international team of professionals. It will teach them to work effectively, economically and increase the labour productivity and the quality of it by using modern technologies. They will be working with high quality ingredients such as fresh vegetable, sea fish and seafood. They will learn how to prepare and serve food. Seasoning will be natural ingredients for example sea salt, vinegar, olive oil and sea herbs. They will also learn to make traditional Italian baked products and confectionery. They will learn bartender’s skills and to communicate in English, German and Italian language. They will get the knowledge of combination meals and wine. In the meantime, they will participate in professional fields such as roasting coffee, wine and oil production, fish markets etc… Foreign mobility is an excellent take off for a professional career. School leavers will get professional and linguistic skills, work experience and new contacts. Understanding between teacher, professionals and young people is an extra added value to this project. Work experience in the EU is important for future employment and the teachers mobility makes this international, educational and commercial sector firmer. It is important that good experience and good work methods are included in today’s school system, the current demands of the labour market show that the employer’s needs are to get employees with work experience and language skills to make their companies competitive. This places demands on educational institutions. It is important to be taught and be prepared. The project is for students of the hotel industry and tourism who want to get professional experience. It is also for apprenticeship students in the fields as baker/confectioner, cook and waiter who need their skills to be gained and given a try during their studies and their exercise in the international environment. Student from any field of study have very good theoretical skills but they have a lot less experience. Students in apprenticeship have greater experience but they need some impulses to grow and improve their communication skills. International experience will help them increase school knowledge and skill a competitive environment. Getting to know Italian culture, mentality and international contacts is added value. This experience is not possible to create in schools and the scholarship should help them with their school leaving exams as well as at the beginning of their professional careers. We want to continue getting experience from our partners and use them in our lessons that is why we are sending out up to 6 teachers to develop their professional life. Also, we will continue international cooperation and the connection will not be disconnected. We will use this to increased school education and skills for new school leavers which are necessary for competitiveness. Scholar- ship students will be able to observe and work in different companies. This will take place under the rules of ECVET, grades of results will be made and students contracts will be signed, understanding of memorandum. To take a part in a scholarship Erasmus+ is a big motivation for professionals and personal growth of everyone, teachers and students. Primarily, it is a support to half of students who are unable to afford to travel abroad for further education. The project supports talented students from socially disadvantage environment. We are expecting that the interest of further professional education, building language skills and a lifetime education will grow with the teachers. Europass mobility and certificate of attending mobility which students will get after finishing the scholarship will promise them good employment and perfect life.
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