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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

THE CONTEXT framing this project has arisen from the school's need for enhancement and improvement of the linguistic and communicative competence of faculty members. We have detected a need for language improvement among those teachers whom specialize in English, as well as among other staff whom specialize in other fields. Our ultimate goal, aside from this linguistic improvement, would be the ability to share and achieve recognition for our own cooperative learning project initiated in the previous academic year, as well as to cooperate in further common projects with other educational centers in the European community, through eTwinning. The school management will play an active role in planning, support, and project monitoring. The PARTICIPANTS of this project will be twelve out of the forty teachers in the school, and the requested ACTIVITY according to the respective roles of the teachers is an action that includes: CLIL pedagogies, planning for language, subject specific resources (maths, science, history, fine arts etc on request we need to know the subject you teach in English) language learning across the curriculum, academic literacy, English language development (B1-C2 level), individual tailored support, school placements, Apps for leaning English (ICT), phonetical awareness, assessment for learning and a cultural activity (trip). The OBJECTIVES we want to achieve are the following: -To develop and improve our internalization strategy -To promote our European project -To promote bilingualism -To improve the linguistic competence of our teachers -To involve the non-teaching staff in the bilinugal project -To help improve the qualifications of the teachers by encouraging the obtainment of official titles -To improve the quality of the education the school provides. -To improve classroom teaching through the creation of a more modern, dynamic environment, open to new educational practices and to collaborations with other schools and institutions. -To encourage the motivation and satisfaction in everyday work. The METHODOLOGY that will be carried out for the development of this project will be participative, cooperative and flexible, adjusting to needs as they arise.A committee will monitor the project and will hold regular informative meetings with the faculty and participants. As RESULT, the training that the project offers us will grant us a foundation in communicative competence for the two groups of participating teachers and it will unify the criteria regarding aquired knowledge and lived experiences. The fact that the group of teachers whom do not possess the certification to teach classes in the English language participate in this training, will ulitmately aid students with difficulties. These teachers may still provide content-area instruction in English, while improving in the areas of educational support, group work and small-group activities. Strengthening and improving strategies and resources allow us to help children in infant schools. The presence of the two infant education teachers will have a visible impact at this stage. It is important to develop and start strengthing competence in a foreign language from the onslaught. The essential IMPACT of this project focuses on renewing the spirit in our school and bringing about a new European perspective. If teachers improve their competence in the language, transmit that throughtout the educational community and project it onto the new methodology implemented in the 2013-2014 academic school year (cooperative learning and project-based learning), we will achieve becoming a model for academic excellence. This is ultimately our primary objective. Our school does not ignore the current needs that characterize the European framework. Our teachers and guides should transmit this desire to the students so that they may feel more integrated as European citizens receiving an education in Europe. Our center wants to be part of and contribute in a direct and realistic manner to achieving the broader goal of the Erasmus+ program for a common educational strategy until the year 2020. IN THE FUTURE we hope to improve different aspects related to the methodology and the organization of teaching practices. After applying the knowledge and skills aquired in training, the everyday dynamics of the school will be transformed. Additionally, we will disseminate our project and its findings to the school community, from the local, autonomous community, and state level, and ultimately, to Europe.

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