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Rumänien och romerna i Sverige
Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Jun 1, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Why are so many roma people coming to Sweden and what are their own thoughts about it all? We will stay close to a group of romas during one year and follow them as they plan for their very first trip to Sweden in order to get money back to themselves or their family in Romania. Why do they leave their home? What are their expectations about their trip abroad? What happens well in Sweden? These are the questions that will be answered by making a documentary that is close up to their reality and letting the romas themselves stand in the center of attention. The first part will be that we meet the romas in their home town and stay with them a while before leaving for Sweden. Then we will travel with them through Europe with their car or if they will take a bus and keep hearing their thoughts during the way. The plan is to always stay real close to them even when they come to Sweden. Maybe they will turn to begging in the streets, maybe they will apply for work, they might get a place to stay and there is a possibillity that everything goes according to their plan. Whatever happens it will be their reality that they share with thousands of other people just like them. The project will be a collaboration between a swedish group consisting of people with experience of filmmaking and a romanian group consisting of people that have worked close to the roma community and have been wishing to make some kind of larger documentation of the situation of this ethnic minority. We know that this project is something that will affect the debate on this subject in both countries. Articles and films have been produced about this issue but all previous attempts to adress this have left the roma peoples voice in the periphery. We will put them right in the centre all through.

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