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Rozwój zasobów edukacyjnych Stowarzyszenia Ekologicznego Etna
Start date: 01 Aug 2014, End date: 31 Jul 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Project "Development of educational resources of the Environmental Association Etna” provides training for trainers in adult education on environmental issues. The project focus is on the stimulation of environmental volunteering. The final recipients receives competences useful also on the labour market. Project participants should also gain competences for the organization of large educational events. The training of the trainers courses will be tailored by leading partner organizations from Germany, England and Spain and will be prepared in cooperation with other local institutions. Study visits to the very experienced and active environmental education centres will strengthen at least 10 educators connected with the Etna association. Professional background of the trainers differ and there are naturalists, architect, gardener and even cybernetic, and they provide or organize training related to the conservation of natural and human environment. The participants will acquire new knowledge and educational methods, will watch and gain organizational skills. And, additionally, they will practice foreign language communication and intercultural experience. The priority areas for Etna were defined as nature conservation, energy issues, nature friendly gardening or buildings. Etna concentrates also on the work with disabled and seniors, including multigenerational activities. The project will also provide some experience in the use of some IT methods in environmental education. As a result of the project, 10 educators will develop or gain new skills and knowledge in the field of environmental education for adults. Their language skills and self-assessment of their educational skills will develop as well. Increased competences will help Etna to implement new educational programmes and recruit new volunteers, thus further strengthening the organization and improving its visibility. Strengthened international contacts will help to implement international projects, especially exchange of volunteers, mutual training and exchange of experience. The foreign partners will hear presentations prepared by the Polish participants and learn more about the environmental issues in the country, information that may be useful in their work. Etna’s potential for receiving international volunteers will increase. It is assumed that at least 3 new at least regional programmes and 1 international will be created and at least 1000 persons will be trained and 50 volunteers recruited.
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