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Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 Aug 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

About the project:The project is based on the implementation of various mobilities of management, teaching and pedagogical staff of the Montessori Preschool leading to training courses and job shadowing. All planned activities will improve their qualifications and skills in the field of Montessori methodology and that will allow to gain formal qualifications recognized internationally.Project's aim:The aim of the project is an international development of the organization and increasing the competence of teaching and pedagogical staff and management of Montessori Preschool in the area of teaching children aged 3 – 6 years and work according to the Montessori method till May 2018.Number and participants' profile:The project foresees the implementation of a total of 46 mobilities involving up to 16 people representing teaching and pedagogical staff; people selected from: leading teachers, teachers' assistants and supporting staff (psychologist, speech therapist) and managing staff (director/president, manager) of Applicant's Preschool.The Applicant’s Preschool research on teachers’ development needs showed the greatest lack of training within the field of teaching according to the Montessori method. The analysis showed an utmost need of further education and obtaining international qualifications. In addition, the study confirms a continuing need for improvement of the qualifications of management team in areas of the organization process of teaching, educational and welfare according to the Montessori method. They will upgrade and broaden also soft skills (such as motivation to work, shaping careers, conflict resolution). These will be implemented through observation of the way of organization of work and Preschool management in accordance with the Montessori method. Participation in the project will take people with: a high motivation to upgrade their qualifications, willingness to share knowledge and experience obtained after returning, having inadequate qualifications (or lack of it) and highly involved in previous work at the Preschool.Description of activities:The project is planned with two types of mobility:TRAINING OF METHODOLOGY MONTESSORI:1. AVE.IK (Netherlands) 2 trainings for group of 5 people x 10 days of training - a total of 10 mobilities2. Montessori Institute Prague (Czech) 1 training for group of 5 people x 10 days – a total of 5 mobilities3. Montessorisenteret (Norway) 1 training for group of 3 people x 10 days – a total of 3 mobilitiesJOB SHADOWING:1. Montessorisenteret (Norway) 15 mobilities (teaching and pedagogical staff ) and 8 mobilities (managers) - a total of 23 mobilities x 3 days2. AVE.IK (Netherlands): 5 mobilities (teaching and pedagogical staff ) x 3 daysThe methodology used in the projectThe project will be managed with the Project Cycle Management (PCM) method. Chech organization (where we delegate teachers for trainings (Montessori Institute Prague, s.r.o.) is a center authorized to Montessori teacher certification in accordance with Association Montessori Internationale (AMI). Training with the project partners (in Norway and Netherlands) will be implemented in accordance with the international standards of Montessori teacher training. Training within the project will be implemented using active methods, engaging the participants. Job shadowing will be proceed through participant observation.Brief description of expected results and impact of the projectThe main result of the project will be an international development of organization and gaining international formal qualifications by teaching and pedagogical staff of Montessori Preschool. Montessori Preschool staff will receive the necessary support in the application of the Montessori method, taking into account intercultural education in the classroom, teaching students in their second language and teaching of tolerance and diversity in the classroom. The impact of the project focuses on disseminating knowledge among the entire staff of the Preschool through the implemented "internal mentoring system" and carried out in the Preschool program of knowledge sharing. We expect that the acquired knowledge and skills will contribute to strengthen the capacity of schools in terms of qualifications and skills and the development of teaching methods. Participation in the international project will contribute to the development of schools with an European dimension, according to the European School Development Plan.The potential long-term benefitsThanks to the project Montessori Preschool will establish formal cooperation with foreign partners, which are leading Montessori teacher training centers in Europe. It will launch a permanent cooperation with European partners and will be the basis for further joint projects mobility within Erasmus +. There will be tied partnerships for development in areas such as: improving skills and qualifications, teaching methods and organizational development.
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