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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our school is an educational center for children and teenagers with mental retardation and physical disabilities. It provides pupils at all levels of education with education, care, development, therapy and rehabilitation. Our students are youngsters with all kinds of mental retardation, hearing or seeing impairments, physical disabilities, autism, Down syndrome, Asperger syndrome, epilepsy or brain damage, behavioral and social disorders. The pupils in majority come from the privileged societies and they face difficulties as far as the access to social and physical rehabilitation is concerned. Taught by the experience, we are aware of the fact that each student is an individual unit that needs individual approach and working schedule according to his or her needs and abilities. Due to that fact, it is necessary for the teachers to develop and raise their qualifications and pedagogical and therapeutic competences through both, the courses within this project as well as the opportunities to cooperate and exchange knowledge with other specialists. The project assumes participation of 27 teachers and the management board representatives in courses that cover the issues of education and work with the students with special educational needs as well as the organization of the school performance and the ways to rise the quality of it. The courses a a holistic and specific answer to the needs and problems identified in our school. What is more, the project assumes a visit in a Turkish school for students with special educational needs, where our teachers will have an opportunity to observe the work and practical solutions to any problems as far as the educator’s work is concerned. The main result of the workshops is the raise of the quality of education as far as working with SEN students, their development, gaining profession, social integration, school management, international cooperation and technological competences are concerned, through using innovative methods of work and all the suitable techniques. Participation in the courses and the observation will enable the teachers to develop their knowledge in the field of selection of the active methods of work in the classroom which will strengthen the pupils’ motivation and, what is more, the effectiveness of their learning process which is very important when working with mentally impaired students. The teachers will have the opportunity to observe the work of others and get acknowledged with the models of group dynamics approaches, developing cooperation and proper communication among students. To follow, the educators wish to further develop active and creative thinking among the pupils in order to help them in their social and personal interactions as well as overcoming the boundaries as far as their social exclusion is concerned. Study, development and maintaining the new contacts will allow for better influencing on the education, development and helping the students with special educational needs in getting employed and living an independent life. Several other aspects will be also covered within this project, such as development of language competences among the teachers as far as English is concerned , abilities to use the ICT technologies and to involve the newly gathered experience in their everyday work. There are other institutions who will benefit from completing this project, like: other schools (including special schools) in Poland and abroad, teacher training centers, teachers-to-be who complete their University degree, local educational authorities, regional, domestic but also international association dealing with the special needs issue. According to the project assumptions, the teachers and representatives of the management board (who present extraordinary level of motivation and wish to raise their knowledge and develop in order to become better specialists and, therefore, help our pupils the most efficiently) will be appointed to participate in the mobilities and intercultural courses selected within the project. The information that the participants will gather during the duration of their courses will be shared and presented by them in a form of workshops, conferences and presentations to their colleagues which, in the end, will prove a beneficial experience for all the teachers who work in our school. To sum up, the goal is to get the answer to the needs that our institution has identified.
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