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Rozwój kompetencji zawodowych nauczycieli w celu poprawy jakości ksztalcenia i skuteczności oddziaływania na młodzież.
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project called: "The development of teachers’ professional competences to improve the quality of education and effectiveness of the influence on the teenagers" was prepared in order to support the management and pedagogical staff of Gimnazjum nr 23 in Poznan in efforts to raise the teaching standards and to provide the students with better educational prospects for future. It was based on the school’s development plan including such strategic goals as: development of quality and effectiveness of teaching in order to prepare the staff to work in bilingual classes with English as the language of instruction, improvement of quality and effectiveness of teaching through the development of teachers’ pedagogical and content competences, modernization of the teacher’s work by the implementation of innovative techniques and methods, reinforcement of the school's European dimension through establishing a broad network of formal and informal connections resulting in a wide international collaboration between schools, the exchange of experiences and examples of good practices as well as the promotion of the values important for peaceful social and national coexistence: the respect for other people, the tolerance of distinctness and openness to other cultures, the need for lifelong learning and personal and professional development.14 teachers are going to participate in the programme, that is two representatives of the management staff, four teachers of English, a school pedagogues and teachers of other general subjects (mathematics, physics, chemistry) preparing themselves to teach their subjects in English as the language of instruction. During two years of the project lasting they will take part in carefully selected courses and trainings in Great Britain and Ireland. The contents and the programmes of the courses are in accordance with the school’s development plan and reflect the needs of the school and teachers. In the first year of the project six members of the staff are going to take part in six 7-days courses. In the second year teachers are going to participate in four 7-days courses and four 14-days courses. The staff will be broadening their knowledge and skills on methodology and language courses introducing to the CLIL system, that is teaching general subjects with elements of the English language as the language of instruction; methodology and culture courses for teachers of English and English courses for teachers to help to develop their skills and abilities in using the language. The project requires cooperation and partnership of all the teachers during all stages: the analysis of the needs and the definition of goals, the preparation of documents, the evaluation of certain steps being undertaken and the popularization of the results. A necessary condition to maximize the benefits will be also sharing experiences with other teachers of Gimnazjum nr 23 in order to extend the positive influence of the project on the improvement of the quality of functioning of the school and the students themselves. Through participation in the project teachers will develop their language skills, familiarize with modern teaching trends and learn how to teach in the CLIL framework. They will get to know new teaching methods and innovative pedagogical tools improving their teaching competence. In consequence, students will achieve better teaching results reflected in, among others, their school-leaving foreign language exam and general subjects exams, which will lead to a better perception of the school in the eye of the local community. The prestige of the school will rise as an institution offering an attractive educational programme and so will the prestige of the teacher as an open and innovative person who can speak a foreign language and use innovative tools. This will serve as an example for others to show that a modern human ought to learn throughout their whole life.

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