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Rozwijanie kompetencji językowych i metodycznych kadry nauczycielskiej kluczem do podniesienia jakości pracy szkoły
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 30 Jun 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

At the base of realisation of this project lies the development concept of our school concerning the raise of teaching quality level as well as European dimension and international cooperation of our institution. The main aim of the project is improving methodological and didactic competences of foreign languages teachers and the increase in language competences of the rest of the teaching staff of our school and their influence on teaching and learning quality and organisation and development of innovative curriculums. Our main objective is the increase of students’ motivation towards learning. We want to achieve this by realising of pedagogical innovations using English language in Physical Education and German language classes, introducing some knowledge in chosen subjects in English using CLIL principles and encouraging the students to take part in eTwinning projects. At present the biggest obstacle in meeting these goals is poor knowledge of English among teaching staff of our school. In the context of planned activities we see the need for linguistic and methodological training. The participation in specialist methodological and general English courses will be a logical continuation of the courses and training our teaching staff have done so far. The aim of the participation in a course EDUCATION IN A HERITAGE CITY – Focussed Job Shadowing for the P.E and English teacher is observation of work of a Physical Education teacher in a chosen English school. This observation will allow him to enhance his teaching methods and language competences namely specific vocabulary used in PE classes, what in turn will lead to improvements in the pedagogical innovation “Sport in English” which he uses in his PE lessons. Thanks to observing of the classes and the way the school works in England and the exchange of teaching experience his professional as well personal competences will improve including self presentation and his self-evaluation will increase.Taking part in a language course ”Activate your English for Teaching” (B1+B2) of the German language teacher will allow him to consolidate and expand his language skills in particular fluency in speaking and proper English pronunciation, expand his vocabulary needed for classroom communication what in consequence will help and enable teaching elements of his subjects in English using CLIL principles. Taking part in a course in England will allow him to improve his personal competences including acquiring communication skills in an international group and intercultural competences. Taking part in a two-week English language course in England by three teachers of our school will lead to reinforcing, expanding and improvement language competences to A2 level. Participation in a language course in England will have an effect on breaking the language barrier and will increase the motivation towards studying and as a consequence will be an incentive to self education in this field. Learning in an international group will enable to build intercultural competences, openness and tolerance towards cultural diversity. Personal competences will also increase in particular self evaluation, self presentation and the raise in independence in a foreign country. Thanks to project activities the teachers will improve their professional and personal competences and as a consequence the school will influence its students better through providing more attractive curriculums and active teaching methods.
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