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Rozwijamy umiejętności języka obcego zawodowego
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project concerns the participation in the mobility one of our teachers to finish a two-week course in the professional teacher training school. The topic of course is appropriately suited to pupils' necessities. In conducted questionnairies they expressed their willingness, readiness and need to learn Business English. They would like to pass BEC exam in the future. They want to take part in international students' exchange and cooperate actively to speak English perfectly and get to know european countries thanks to getting in contact with students from different foreign schools. Thanks to their knowledge of english language, especially Business English, developing education, qualification and skills they become competitive on the job market not only in Poland but also abroad. Clearly expressed students' necessities (also their parents) became an impulse for the management of school, for the headteacher to take particular steps. We decided to take part in the programme Erasmus Plus, Action1, to have a chance for support, to have at least one suitable trained teacher to lead these kinds of Business English lessons in our school. The project was planned in every details with division of realisation concrete tasks in its individual stages and phases. We are developing as a school, there ara mainly students from small villages. We have two different types of school: lasted three-year comprehensive schoolwith different profiles and technical school educating in occupations: technician logistic, technician surveyor, technician forester, technician hotelier, technician of nourishment, technician gastonomical services. We are going to teach Business English all technical students, for the comprehensive school we are going to organise the additional lessons of Business English ( Club of Interests). We are planning to modify syllabuses and curriculum. The realisation of project in our school will be connected not only with gaining higher level of qualifications among our teachers and intensive learning of Business English among students what will make them more competitive on the job market, but also it will have an influence on the higher level of education and quality of our school through the implement and use of known, innovative methods and tools in everyday work. Thanks to these methods we will be more motivating. The project provides also a lot of other advantages connected with international cooperation, what will have an influance on developing of european meaning of school and exchanging of multicultural experiences. The choice of teacher to this mobility was not accidental. It is a competent, ambitious, not afraid of new challenges person. She is a school practical trainings manager, responsible for students' internships. She was selected in questionnairies as the most suitable person to this mobility. She has been an English teacher for 14 years, she also graduated Economics at the KUL university in Lublin. She is the best person because it is not possible to teach Business English without knowledge of Economics. Mrs Aneta is aware that permanent development, gaining new experience, knowledge of IT, cooperation and creativity are very important in our everyday work to improve the necessities of our school continuously.The project predicts a participation in one mobility. It is the participation a selected and eager to work teacher in professional, two-week course "Teaching Business English" in cooperating with the programme Erasmus Plus and enjoying a good reputation school ETI Teacher Training & Development in Malta. We chose this country to the project because of very good opinions about this place and school from the teachers who shared their insights and experiences after different kinds of mobilities. We gathered and checked information to prepare for the project and to do our best. Methodology used in realisation of this project is connected with different tools. On the basis of them the necessities of school, which need the support the most, were fixed. Planning this mobility we carried out researches, the questionnairies among students, their parents and teachers, which were worked out and evaluated. During and after realisation of project the perceptive control connected with regularity and effects is planned. Realisation of the project has a purpose of rationalization of grounds demanding improvements in our school. The main results and long-lasting advantages are: increasing of skills and qualifications of workers, developing of workshop and techniques about innovative methods and tools, growth of teaching effectiveness, heightening of school work quality, higher motivation, exchanging of experiences, organising students' exchange in the future, educating the multicultural attitude and tolerance, increasing european meaning of school, possibility of passing BEC exams, better competitiveness of students on a job market, better organisation of teaching and learning, promotion of school.
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